8 Statistics to Convince that Magento 2 is the Right Platform

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First launched in 2008, Magento demonstrates spectacular growth from the start. It’s a marketable platform that continuously changes the world of eCommerce. When planning on doing business over the web and open an online shop, Magento 2 Development Services provide high-end solutions to meet your requirements.

An online business powerhouse, Magento 2 is a blend of hugely scalable design and significant network support. PHP-based, it’s a full-fledged shopping cart solution for medium to large-scale enterprises. It offers unparalleled flexibility for users to manage content, the layout, and the functionality of their eCommerce shops.

With so many eCommerce platforms these days, choosing the right solution for your online business could be quite confusing. The choices could easily be overwhelming. However, some statistics show why you should opt for Magento 2 to build your online store.

8 Magento Statistics to Convince you to Build an Online Shop with Magento 2

The following statistics would definitely convince you that the Magento 2 platform is the right to build an eCommerce store. There are Magento 2 developers anywhere in the world to help you establish your online brand.

  1. Merchants using Magento have reached 250,000. These clients use this platform to solve challenges in their business operations. One of the leaders in world eCommerce systems, Magento, ranks third place after WooCommerce and Shopify.
  2. Doubled the number of websites. Between March 2017 and August 2018, the number of websites has increased. Since 2011, it has been growing fast, with impressive data in the last couple of years. This is apparent due to the wonderful business solutions that the platform provides.
  3. Magento has 5,000 extensions. Magento 2 enables you to customize your store by your needs. There are over 5,000 plugins and apps, with most of them are free. The paid ones start around $50.
  4. 202 Magento shops are in the Top 100 list of the Internet Retailer. From the top 1000 online retailers, more than 20 percent use Magento, which makes it the most popular CMS. From small to medium businesses to large organizations, they opt to use the platform due to its applicability and scalability.
  5. It occupies a market share of 1.4 percent in Content Management Systems. More than half of all websites make use of a CMS. Magento, in 2020 has a 1.4 percent market share.
    Occupies 1.4 percent Content Management Systems market share. More than half of all websites make use of a CMS.
  6. 9.5 Percent of Magento Sites are located in the United States. The Magento 2 platform is used worldwide. However, the largest users are in the USA. Furthermore, it’s also trendy in Canada and West Europe, such as Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, etc. It’s also an extremely eCommerce platform in India and Australia.
  7. More than 150,000 developers in the world. There is no problem and no shortage of a Magento 2 development company. The platform covers all aspects of eCommerce, creating the most straightforward shop or a complex online platform. Unlike other platforms, however, it’s not simple for the usual users.
    Developers nevertheless enjoy working with it. All over the world, there are over 150,000 developers that use various Magento tools, find optimal decisions, and integrate systems for the clientele.
  8. 8. Worldwide sales are expected to be around $224 billion this year. The volume of merchandise is expected to go further beyond the $200 billion marks this year. Recent data indicates that Magento 2 is pretty much on track to achieve this.

Benefits of Using Magento 2

  1. Magento 2 could handle ten million page views in an hour and requires MySQL 5.6, exclusively built to benefit MySQL advancements for faster caching and queries processing, as well as re-indexing. Re-indexing is a process that ensures the data of the product, the URLs, and inventory are updated. With Magento 2, re-indexing is more efficient and has a lesser impact on its overall performance.
  2. It has enhanced the customer experience. Magento 2 has significantly improved, reducing the ‘pain points.’ With these improvements, shopping is made much faster and easier.
  3. Better Admin Interface. Customers could accomplish the simplified process of registration after ordering a product instead of before. It also has details of the order at each step to ensure complete ease for users.
  4. The enhanced mobile shopping. The search option has been dramatically improved with Magento 2 to make it easier for shoppers to find the products they’re looking for. Along with a mobile-friendly checkout and enhanced speed, the rate of conversion via mobiles is remarkably improved.


Every business has its own needs and challenges, as well as its personal personalized decision. Of course, you could shop around other eCommerce platforms and make a comparison of each to choose the one that best fits your online store requirements. However, the statistics mentioned above are evidenced enough of Magento 2 to resolve any eCommerce business concerns, from starters to successful stores.

8 Statistics to Convince that Magento 2 is the Right Platform

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