8 Points You Must Follow to Optimize The Product Page

E-commerce is a business which means the sale and purchase of goods through the internet. It also involves transferring funds between two or more parties. In simple words, we know it as online shopping.

An e-commerce website is a platform for selling and buying goods online. E-commerce website doesn’t end at just selling goods, it eventually opens up a business to a much larger customer base. The benefit of an e-commerce website is, it always stays open so you can order at any time.

While having an e-commerce website, you need to optimize your products pages. A search engine cannot find the product page you are looking for if it is not optimized correctly.

Before you lose your potential customers, make sure to optimize your product page.

Here’s How…

●      Keyword Research For Product

Anything you search depends on what you type. The right keyword leads to the right results of what you are searching. You should be using the keyword for your product that drives more traffic to your site and also, it must be promoted in the way buyers are searching for that product.

Use the keyword that ranks higher for your product so that it becomes easy for people to reach to your product.


●      Descriptive Product Name

Set your product name a descriptive enough for buyers to have an idea about the product. Use the keyword that you have identified earlier as a product name. For example, you might want to write a product name for Wireless mouse. So, there must a descriptive product name which describes the wireless mouse perfectly.


If your website’s product page is not having the descriptive product name, then optimize it and add a descriptive name.

●      URL Of Product


Every product’s URL does not use any special character as (_123*!%?)

URL must be user-friendly, should be written in lower-case and it should be short.

If the URL contains the id of categories and product, make sure to remove it. Also, product URL should contain the main keyword. Use the keyword in the URL as it impacts search engine rankings.

●      Loading Time Of Product Page

Nobody likes when the page takes too much time to load.

Generally, buyers leave if the page takes more time to load and it lower down the e-commerce conversion and rankings. When the page is being searched, it should ideally take 3 seconds to load.


“40% of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds.”

●      Highlight CTA Button

A clear call-to-action button on the product page is the sight of your end goal which makes customers add the product in the cart and complete the purchase.


Add clear “Add To Cart” button on the product page for buyers to add the product in the cart. Highlight every CTA on the product page so that customers don’t get confused and so they can make their purchase with ease.

●      Relevant Product Image

Product image is the essential part of optimizing the product page. Buyers will first look at the image and then goes to other information about it. Use high-resolution images as people love to see a clear picture of the product.


Show the product with every necessary angle but do not make it complicated with the same image multiple times. Optimize the image file name and alt tag. Also, include image sitemaps separately to get your product’s page images crawled in an effective manner.

●      Product Reviews

Reviews can make customers engaged. Have a section of customer reviews in the product page and ensure that text is crawlable. Reach out to past customer through email after their purchase for the user reviews. You can offer discounts in email who write feedback.



You can set the reminder for the review of product through email which will automatically be sent to the buyer and you can provide the link by which he/she can directly add the review. You can also set that after how many days an email will be sent to the customer to review the product.

Reviews are the one such part that buyers will look to purchase the product. Reviews are the main focus of the buyers as they will see that what people are saying who have already bought the product.

●      Product Suggestions

Optimize the product page to add the product suggestion section. Don’t let the customers look around only on the same type of product. Add the product suggestions in the product page. It will make buyers navigate to other product in your website.


This will make an opportunity for buyers to explore the product which is perfect for their needs. Product suggestion helps buyers to find the product which they are actually looking for and came across it in the suggestions.

What else can you optimize in a product page?

  • Shipping and pricing
  • Size guide
  • Payment methods
  • Wishlist
  • Product Q&A
  • Image zoom-in capability
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Return policy

In Conclusion:

The conclusion states that not only the e-commerce website but the product page of the website needs to be optimized regularly. The above-mentioned points to optimize the product page will let your customers have a better shopping experience.

It’s all about how you can rank in the search results and increase the e-commerce conversion, where one of the ways is optimization.

The above-explained points are the one which needs to be optimized which will help you to drive sales. Follow the changes mentioned above to make your product page effective and improve your site SEO.

Amisha is working as Assistant Digital Marketing Executive at Emipro. She writes on topics like e-commerce, SEO, Digital Marketing. She helps to make your business reach a whole new level digitally with her words.

8 Points You Must Follow to Optimize The Product Page

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