8 Kickass Internships in Europe with the Best ROI

Traveling through Europe may appear to be a cliched way to explore while abroad. So, instead of putting on your rucksack and partying your way through Europe while studying, take a break from the norm and intern in Europe! Interning in Europe is a rewarding experience that exposes you to essential activities, locations to see, and people to meet while providing you with far more than passport stamps and Instagram clicks. So, instead of idly drifting down the lazy river from college to adulthood, have a look at our eight kickass internships in Europe with the best ROI.

8 kickass internships in Europe with the best ROI

1. Internship in beautiful France

Combining advanced French language training with a professional internship can win. Government, international trade, social services, business, museums, computer science, international affairs, art, human rights, education, performing arts, sustainable development, biomedicine, sciences, and European Affairs are some fields where internships may be available. Interns offer a unique opportunity to improve their French while acquiring vital professional experience in the European Union. Furthermore, it is a semester program that begins in either August or January, and in return, there will be chances of getting a stipend of €7300 approximately.

2. Explore Ireland by doing internships

People who know how to operate and communicate in many cultures are needed in the global business. Those who stay at home, never stepping outside their comfort zone, are missing out on the incredible opportunities that await the global citizen. At ELI, we understand the personal and professional benefits of international experience. Our internships in Ireland are located in Dublin, the country’s thriving capital and financial center. Interns can get useful experience working in global corporations, small enterprises, education, the sciences, and non-governmental organizations. This internship is available all around the year and begins at US$1250.

3. Internships in Barcelona, Spain, through Connect-123

In business, education, social work, architecture, human rights, health care, media, and various other professions, Connect-123 can help you locate internships in Barcelona, Spain. So, get ready to work on real projects that help local organizations from your first day on the job. However, make sure that it is not required to be fluent in Spanish.

You might be curious about what’s more, finding an internship that specifically meets your needs like arranging secure, high-quality, centrally-located accommodation based on your budget; assisting with local transportation and advising on public transportation routes; airport meet and greet service; a complete Spain preparation and orientation information pack and guidance before you arrive in Spain Optional Spanish lessons are also available. Start and end dates are flexible as the typical period is around 1 to 3 months.

4. The Intern Group’s business in Madrid

Work in one of the world’s business behemoths and gain highly sought-after experience. Choose from various top companies and organizations in Madrid for your internship, all of which will help you advance professionally in your chosen field. You can improve your Spanish language skills while increasing your career opportunities and eating delicious Spanish cuisine daily. You’ll be able to benefit from the Madrileos’ credo of “work hard, play harder.” You may find it difficult to integrate into the local culture and work environment if you don’t speak Spanish.

5. Internships in Dublin, Ireland with Connect-123

Connect-123 can help you locate internships in business, education, human rights, health care, media, and many more professions in Dublin, Ireland. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride and get started right away, working on real projects that help local charities. Thus, finding an internship that meets your specific needs; securing secure, high-quality, centrally-located housing that fits your budget; assisting with local transportation and providing public transportation route advice; airport meet and a complete Ireland preparation and orientation information pack. The internship duration will be perhaps 1-3 months with flexible dates.

6. CIS abroad can help you advance in your chosen field in Barcelona

In Barcelona, innovation is the name of the play. You might consider a relevant tech work placement at one of Europe’s largest and best tech hubs, which will provide you with more than just a new bullet point on your resume. Or if you want to land that Finance position—or an internship where you can put your super-advanced and workplace-friendly Spanish abilities to good use. Barcelona is famed for its sunny weather, world-class beaches, and thriving social scene. Interning here will allow you to experience a lifestyle that few other places can match.

7. Stint Ireland has an internship program in Dublin

Stint Ireland will work with you to discover the ideal internship fit for you, whatever that may be! Professional internship assignments in Dublin’s lively, diverse metropolis, an exceptional Irish experience with frequent cultural events and excursions throughout Ireland, and complete support at every turn, from housing and visa arrangements to career coaching and local advice. Flexible dates and timings are available. The price will be around €2,460.

8. The Intern Group’s Madrid Internship Program

In Canada, the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia, and Latin America, the Intern Group is a leading provider of worldwide internships. In Madrid, we offer internships in various sectors all year long. You will learn from industry specialists while meeting new people from around the globe and living like a true “Madrileno.” Professional internships, housing, visa support, professional development tools and workshops, cultural events, social activities, and more are all included in our programs. Begin your career with a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Madrid. It usually starts every first Saturday of the month, all year at €3,670.


There are a million reasons why interning in Europe is a fantastic experience with limitless benefits. Still, maybe the most crucial is that it will teach you about the value of the vocation you want to pursue. Seeing the importance of your potential profession overseas directly, in a different realm, and from a different perspective will increase your enthusiasm for the future. Now is the time to pick a program that can help you achieve your career goals while also profiting from an internship in Europe. Before you ride off into the sunset, study reviews, speak with program graduates, save money, and do your homework to locate the perfect fit for you.

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8 Kickass Internships in Europe with the Best ROI