8 Brilliant Ways to Make Money from Blogging

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8 Brilliant Ways to Make Money from Blogging

An individual who is passionate about writing is most probably to start blogging. Mostly a person starts blogging out of passion, to write their point of view on subjects. At a certain point in time, everyone wants to make money from something which the person loves to do. Making money from blogs is quite easy, but only if you follow the right steps. There are various subjects for blogging like escape rooms, games, technology, the latest news, and many more. However, no matter from which group of writing blogs you belong, making money from writing blogs is possible.

Let’s take a deep dive in and see how money can be made from blogs!

1.  Advertisements

When your blogs start to attract people and end up with enough traffic, you can directly contact the advertisers, or the advertisers will connect directly to you and ask you to place their ads on your website. Again, you can set your rates as there will be no mediator between you and the advertiser.

2.          Promotions

The large chunks of money can be made from promotion. There are plenty of people out there who wants to promote their products on every platform for increased selling. Once you get into promoting products through your blogs, you are on your way towards success. The big successful bloggers make most of their money from paid promotions.

3.          Sponsored Posts

Bloggers receive multiple sponsored posts requests every day. These sponsored posts can be a highly effective way to reach your audience and be a highly effective way to make money. You must make sure that the sponsored posts are relevant and interesting for your audience.

4.          Sell Membership

If you can attract a lot of traffic and your blogs are hugely accepted by people, selling membership can be an option for you to make money. As most of your blogs will remain free, on the contrary, you can sell memberships where the buyers can get an extra chunk of personalized advice.

You need to develop something that will cover its value, and your paid blogs must be a quality product that the individuals out there can’t find elsewhere for free.

5.          Product Reviews

When you can reach a good audience, you can reach out to relevant businesses and offer them to review their products for a fee. This will help them to increase their product sales and you to earn an extra amount of money.

6.          Writing E-Book

Modern technology has gifted the online platform to write and publish your book. Please write your e-book and post them on websites like Amazon or Kobo. You can also publish it on your website. People will pay to buy your ebook on both platforms, which is a way for money to reach your pockets.

7.          Brand Campaigning

When you have your established base of audience, you can get into brand campaigning to earn money. You could help brands to reach the target audience through your blog by running the campaign for them. You will be doing brand collaborations, paid ads, making videos, running webinars, and more for brand campaigning.

Nowadays, it is becoming the hottest way to monetize a blog.

8.          Consulting Service

When you can attract and reach the target audience, that eventually means that you are good at connecting with people. In today’s world, a huge number of people need consulting services. There are various topics in which different individuals need a consultation. You can run your consulting services on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and through phone calls, skype, or emails.


The number of successful bloggers is increasing every day. You can make your way to success through blogging with the smart and brilliant moves to monetize your blog. One thing that connects to your audience is your creativity, which can never be snatched away from you. So you need to blend your creativity with the tactics of earning money through it.

8 Brilliant Ways to Make Money from Blogging