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7 Ways to Grow Your Coaching Business

“How do I find more coaching clients?” this is the number 1 question on the mind of every business owner at the start of his business journey. In this post, we have highlighted some trusted methods of receiving coaching clients in a span of 4 months.

Follow these tips and analyze your current business model based on these strategies:

7 Ways to Grow Your Coaching Business


Finding your niche:

The first and most important thing when starting a coaching business is to find a niche. A niche is a specific group of people who are your target audience and are interested in your business.

Your business won’t take off if you keep it targeted at everyone. Viewing it from the customer’s perspective, she is most likely to buy from a business that caters to her issues, rather than a business which serves to a general audience.

You can begin from a single niche and then when your presence is established; you can move on to other niches and expand your presence.

While choosing a niche, keep some things into perspective, like the competition, the demographics, and monetization.

Levels of service:

Once you have decided on a niche, think of ways in which you can provide services to your customers. Some clients are looking for specific services while some are okay with general services. To have more leads, you should target at least two levels of service. It can be a general price in exchange for your services or a price which is dedicated to each service. While deciding on service pricing, you should also consider the budgets of different customers and what they will be able to pay you easily.

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Create a website:

We live in a digital world and your business should have a digital presence before anything else. Create a professional looking website which displays your testimonials, certificates, and other key features.

Create a way for people to be able to contact you directly from the site. It can be through live chat, email or phone call. Your customer service should be top-notch and prompt with their responses. If you are not tech savvy, you can acquire the services of an agency to build your website.

On the other hand, the site can be a way to retain and maintain your existing user base. You can embed different tools on the site and keep social profiles linked to the website as well. It will ensure that your clients and leads keep interacting with your digital presence at one place or the other.

Tell your story:

In your website as well as your marketing brochures, make sure you tell your story to your audience. Telling the story of your business will portray it as a credible entity. Are you a former athlete starting sports coaching? Are you a businessperson with a diverse experience?

Use your past experiences to tell your story to the world. This story alone has potential to earn you more leads.


When you are new to the business, people will not know or trust you unless you put up a display of your skills in front of them. It is just like a shampoo brand giving away free sachets to the customers to try. You can offer free trial lessons to your audience to show how you can bring a difference in their lives. When these people are looking for direction, your business will be the first one on their mind. Consider simpler plans and short lessons for your customers.

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Be a guest speaker:

What can be better to project yourself as a skilled professional to coaching clients than a free coaching lesson? Be a guest speaker on a podcast, in a conference or in any relevant event. You will receive at least a few leads immediately.

Podcasting is one of the most influential things happening online nowadays, and most of the times the session can be conducted free of cost over an internet connection. John Lee Dumas earns over $500,000 a month for a podcast only. He is also known as the king of podcasting.

If you don’t get invitations, you can craft a creative email to your clients and pitch them your session as a guest. Keep a positive attitude in all your outreach efforts. Make a list of relevant podcasts in your niche and focus on relationship-building with the people behind those sessions. It is a surefire method to receive more leads.

The secret to developing a profitable partnership is finding someone who provides a service or product that complements what you offer. They are not your competition, but you have the same target audience. –Entrepreneur

Social Ads:

You will be surprised to see the response to a perfectly projected Facebook ad. Facebook ads can get you leads better than anything else on the web. You can create an omnichannel marketing brochure by combining the power of social ads on various mediums.

When creating an ad, make sure that the images are perfect, the headline is on point, and your calls to action are customized for the target audience. Softly pitch your sessions to people, because you can’t force them to become your clients.

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Don’t feel the pressure to spend a lot of money, because creativity is always more valuable than money. You can start with a mere $100 and still have a huge effect. Facebook ads can’t be stressed enough. Launch one right now and get guaranteed leads in a week.

Last word:

The coaching business is not as tough as many people claim it to be. It is an exciting world where people are open to every possibility. You must show them that they can relate to you on many levels and they can trust you in their times of hardship or struggle.

If you start implementing the strategies mentioned above, you will start getting leads very soon. Make sure you have a great customer service mechanism to deal with your leads once they are interested in your business.


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7 Ways to Grow Your Coaching Business

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