7 Tips for Selling Custom-Made Furniture Online

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7 Tips for Selling Custom-Made Furniture Online

There’s a growing demand for custom-made furniture. After all, people want their homes to have a distinctive and unique look and feel that shows off their personalities. So, now is a good time to sell bespoke handmade furniture online.

However, to make your custom-made furniture business a success story, you’ll need more than just the creative ability to make beautiful furniture items like coffee tables, chairs, and bookcases.

If you want your business venture to be successful, check out the following seven helpful tips.

7 Tips for Selling Custom-Made Furniture Online

1. Get on the Right Platforms

You should have a website where you can sell to customers directly. But to expand your reach, you should also get on multiple eCommerce platforms where you can showcase and sell your furniture.

Though your furniture will be custom-made, you’ll need to use examples of products in your online store and clarify that you can alter designs to your client’s preferences and tastes.

There are plenty of platforms to choose from, including Etsy, ArtFire, and Storenvy. You can also list items on sites like Craigslist and eBay. But make sure you use the right platforms for your type of products. It would help if you spent time looking at your target audience and then see which online sites cater most to your target customers to identify the best platforms to get onto.

2. Take Amazing Photographs

The higher the quality of your product photographs, the more items you will sell. After all, people buy online based on the imagery they see.

By enhancing the photographs of your furniture by using the right lighting, photographing it in the right setting or using a background filter, and using a decent camera, among other things, you can make your products shine and get attention. 

Also, make sure you take shots from all sides and multiple angles. The more you can show your products in detail, the better.

3. Write Enticing and Accurate Descriptions

The wording you use to describe your furniture can be just as important as the quality of your images.

First off, your product descriptions should be informative and accurate. Then, it would help if you told potential customers all the important stuff they may want to know. But it would help if you also used descriptive and enticing words to interest people further.

The key is to get the right balance between providing facts and making items sound appealing.

If you’re not great with words, consider hiring a copywriter or content writer to develop descriptions on your behalf. You can find writers on freelancing platforms like Guru and Upwork.

4. Make Noise on Social Media

When you know your target customer, you can identify which social media platforms are best to be on. It would help if you actively used social media sites, as marketing is crucial to any successful business.

In addition to posting photos of your furniture, consider adding video content and informative how-to-made guides to generate more interest and followers.

Also, make sure you follow people and share their posts to encourage them to like and share yours. Furthermore, to maximize the promotional capabilities of social media, make sure you post regularly but don’t go overboard.

5. Up Your SEO Strategy

As you’re sure to know, when you maximize an SEO strategy and include relevant keywords and links in your online content, your business will show up higher on search engines like Google. Therefore, more people will find your online store. And more visitors mean more sales.

So, reexamine your SEO strategy and identify ways of improving it. For example, suppose you want to take your online custom-made furniture business to the next level. In that case, you might consider hiring an SEO expert to help you achieve greater online visibility.

6. Invest in Quality Equipment

It’s not only the online selling aspect you need to think about. You must also consider practical elements to run a successful and profitable business.


One of the most important things when selling custom-made furniture is quality. The higher the quality of your products is, the more customers will buy again and recommend you to their friends.

Therefore, it can be more than worth investing in quality equipment.

You can buy top-notch tools and machines at affordable prices when you visit a dealer specializing in used machinery.

7. Consider Shipping and Storage

Two other crucial practical elements you need to consider are shipping and storage. You’ll need to decide if you’re willing to ship furniture of all sizes or whether some pieces must be collected in person. Your shipping decisions could even influence you to stick to making smaller furniture items.

And you need to know how much storage space you have available to store items before they are shipped. You can’t afford to lack enough space, so ensure you have sufficient storage facilities.

7 Tips for Selling Custom-Made Furniture Online

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