7 Things to Consider When Video Conferencing Post Pandemic

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The recent pandemic has been nothing short of an eye-opener in various businesses. Despite having a series of downsides, the pandemic has also forced businesses to adapt to the new normal. As a result, most firms and organizations take on new modes of operation. Some of these trends are definitely here to stay even after the pandemic.

During the pandemic’s peak, most businesses were forced to work from remote locations due to the need for social distance as an effort to regulate the spread of COVID-19. Working from home or in a remote location brought a challenge to how businesses conduct their meeting. As a result, most firms adopted audio-visual technologies to facilitate regular meetings regardless of the location of the individual. Video conferencing platforms proved to be among the best video conferencing solutions when conducting a business meeting.

As discussed previously, some of these trends are here to stay. An example is video conferencing. Here are a few pointers you need to consider when video conferencing.

Stable Internet Connection.

This is probably one of the most vital things you need to look at before your video conference call. A stable internet connection is key in ensuring the meeting runs smoothly without any buffer. Slow internet speeds tend to interfere with the meeting through visual disruptions and inconsistent audio. If you are using a laptop or desktop computer, it is best to use a LAN cable to ensure a fast and stable internet connection. For people who prefer wireless connections, there are various internet service providers. Choose a package with a secure connection and advanced encryption for extra internet security.

Setting up an Audio Visual Technology.

Setting up an Audio Visual Technology.

There are different technologies designed to support video conferencing. These video conferencing solutions range from the software you use to the hardware, such as the screen and even projectors you use. For a successful business video conference call, you need to set up the best technology beforehand. Some of these can be downloaded for free from the internet when it comes to software and applications, assuring you of higher business returns.

 Remember not to go downloading or buying software. Instead, check if the one you are buying is compatible with your Operating System. This way, you are assured of a worry-free video conference call. 

Dressing properly.

Just because you are not in the same room or your official office does not mean you cut back on your dress code. Keep it professional by dressing properly unless the company policy dictates otherwise. Or a formal business meeting, it is best to choose a respectable dress code capable of portraying a good image of the company.

Send an agenda before the conference.

Like any other meeting, you must inform the attendees beforehand of the meeting agenda when inviting them to the meeting. This way, they can make headway on what the meeting is about and what is required. Sending out the agenda through emails or other office communication channels can be a good start.

Time zones.

Video conferencing at times involves talking to people overseas with different time zones. When planning for the conference call, you need to keep in mind the different time zones your attendees are in to avoid any inconveniences. To be more inclusive, consult with everyone and develop a timeline that can work for everyone. Choosing the wrong time when setting up a video conference meeting can confuse, which can adversely affect the overall productivity of the meeting.

Get acquainted with video conference features.

Different video conference platforms have unique features. Depending on your choice, you need to be up to speed on the various features. This way, you can get the best out of the platform. It is best to share your thoughts with the rest of the team to be on the same page. Knowing the features will help you know how to block background noises during the meeting. This way, you can reduce the echo from the microphone.

Share with your team how to mute or unmute the microphone. These features can help regulate the number of people speaking at the same time during the meeting. Be sure to inform your attendees of the protocol when taking turns to express themselves. As the host of the meeting, it is best to hold your questions till the end of the meeting to provide the guests with a chance to express themselves with minimal interruption fully.

Get a uniform illumination environment.

The point of the video conference is to see each other and interact. Poor lighting on either your side as the host or guest could leave the rest of the audience in the dark. If you are unable to access natural lighting, it is best to go to fluorescent light. This way, you can provide enough light for your camera and not distract the other participants.

7 Things to Consider When Video Conferencing Post Pandemic

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