7 Strategies to Boost Your SEO and Gain Links with Influencer Marketing

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7 Strategies to Boost Your SEO and Gain Links with Influencer Marketing

7 Strategies to Boost Your SEO and Gain Links with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is an excellent way to improve your internet presence, but you must be careful about approaching the situation. In the past, Google has penalized websites for inauthentic influencer marketing efforts. Buying links may seem like the easiest way to go, but search engines are catching on much faster than they used to. A great influencer marketing strategy will always start from the ground up, and you’ll need to come by your links honestly. You must play by their rules if you want Google to work for you.

Get to Know Your Influencers

When you contact influencers out of the blue, some of them may agree to work with you. Be wary. Most influencers are willing to help boost your campaign without getting to know you and expect to be compensated immediately. These people can’t always be trusted. Instead, take some time to get to know the influencers you’re eyeing. Follow their content for a while and build an honest relationship.

Find a Mutually Beneficial Situation

There’s nothing worse than picking an influencer whose audience has no overlap with your target market. You’ll have gone through much effort with very little to show for it. Social media goes a long way in every kind of internet marketing, and connecting with your influencers on social media will help you find influencers who will also benefit from you. Since most people cross-post between their websites and social media profiles, it’s easy to view and interpret an audience’s reaction to a particular piece just by reading social media comments.

In a mutually beneficial situation, everyone is getting what they want. You’re getting customers from influencers who can provide their audience with helpful content they’d love to see.

Think Long Term

Thinking long-term will allow you to maintain consistent relationships with the influencers you amass while helping you gain clout with similar influencers who would love to work with you. Building these ongoing relationships will allow you to grow alongside your influencers. Often, this can lead to you dominating your brand’s relations within its niche. Similar influencers will look to you when they’re looking for an opportunity when they can see a track record of your successes.

Always Use Original Content

Original content is vital in any SEO venture. Google will identify duplicate content and look right past it. So, when building links with your influencers, create original content for their sites. All you need to do is shape your content writing strategy around the vibe of the influencer’s website, which isn’t necessarily difficult to do. If you’re having trouble generating ideas, you can always contribute an edition of an influencer’s scheduled-themed blog posts with a few small tie-ins incorporating your links.

Be Generous

When you connect with influencers, you’re doing it to ask them for something ultimately. One of the best things you can do to cement these connections is to offer far more than you intend to take. Send product samples and provide discount codes for the influencer’s readers. Promote the influencer in any way they choose. If you make the deal so sweet that they’ll be a fool to say no, they’d be a fool to turn you down.

Don’t Wait Around

The courting process is going to take a while. If you know you have a big release six months ahead, you must vet your influencers immediately. It takes a bit for deals to be made and relationships to be cultivated. By putting things off until the last minute, you’re minimizing your intended impact. If you don’t have your crucial links ready immediately, you can direct readers to an informational page that will eventually become where you’re trying to generate links. They’ll find your placeholder content and be able to explore it before everything else is ready.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

You know your end goal is to get links, and your influencers aren’t strangers to this process. They know you’re going to want something, and they don’t want to feel as though they’re being used to get it. So don’t hit them over the nose with generic emails. Instead, show that you’re genuinely interested in the influencer’s work. Never send anything that came right from a template, and demonstrate that you understand the influencer’s value long before you ever create a proposition.

Conclusion- Boost Your SEO and Gain Links with Influencer Marketing

There’s a huge difference between strong influencer relationships and haphazard influencer relationships. Ten quick deals will never have as much longevity as a single arrangement that’s been wonderfully constructed. So take your time with your influencers, and make sure everyone gets their piece of the pie.

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