7 Reasons your eCommerce Business Needs a Mobile App

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7 Reasons your eCommerce Business Needs a Mobile App

When their website is already mobile responsive, many business owners wonder why they should invest time and money developing their app. While many businesses have gotten by without one, having an app will become standard practice for e-commerce retailers, and you don’t want to get left behind.

Beyond a sense of keeping up with the competition, an app can provide a lot of valuable extras for you and your customers. From user experience to marketing to sales, a dedicated app can work wonders for your company. And as technology develops, these opportunities will only expand.

Still not sure an app is for you? Here are just some of the things a mobile app can do for your e-commerce business:

Increase Sales
Just last year, Criteo’s Q4 Mobile Commerce Report revealed that people shopping using mobile apps browsed 286% more products than regular mobile device shoppers. Not only that, this then led to a 90% higher add-to-basket rate than that experienced on mobile browsers. As a result, the app experience leads users to greater engagement with products and, therefore, a better conversion rate.

Push Notifications
When a customer has your app downloaded on their phone, it gives you unprecedented access and ease of communication. For example, you can send them notifications telling them of a flash sale or a new product line, even if they don’t have the app open at the time. This new marketing channel, when used wisely, can connect with users in a timely and effective fashion. They then have your app at their fingertips if they want to pursue whichever deal you’ve put before them.

Improve User Experience
With an app on their phone, customers don’t have to type in your URL and log in every time they visit your site. Mobile apps already operate much faster than mobile websites. Intuitive apps can even highlight relevant products to each customer. This means a convenient, streamlined, and personalized user experience for your target market that will encourage sales and repeat custom.

Reach Out to Younger Demographics
Millennials, Generation Z, and whatever comes next have been born and raised in a digital world. They don’t retreat to their desktop whenever they need to make an online purchase. Instead, they expect to do all their internet browsings and buy on their smartphones. An app makes this much easier and helps you reach out to and engage with a younger demographic.

Build Your Brand
A well-designed app will act as a bit of a pocket ambassador for your brand. It will be visible every time users look at their phones. In addition, building in helpful functionality such as collecting rewards from your loyalty program or tracking deliveries will help cement your brand image and foster brand loyalty.

Improve Customer Support
Allowing users to contact customer support through your app can add another level to your customer service. For example, your app could let customers message a help desk without leaving your website and heading for their email service. In-app support is another great addition to your user experience.

Customer Insights
When your app is downloaded onto someone’s smartphone, you can access a great volume of detailed customer data. The demographics you perform best within, the most prosperous regions, new opportunities, and customer requirements can all be captured and analyzed using your app. Your business will only go from strength to strength with this added data.

A mobile app is an added extra for your e-commerce business. But this won’t always be the case. So, develop your app now to stay ahead of the curve and start reaping the rewards of a mobile app as soon as you possibly can.

Sophia Mest is a Content Manager at BizDb, where she aspires to put her writing passion into practice and spread her words across the world. She spends her free time traveling and exploring the wonders of nature.

7 Reasons your eCommerce Business Needs a Mobile App