7 Real Estate Logos for Inspiration

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No business can skip the logo design stage. A brand without a logo is like a person without an ID card. They have no identity to display and hence no reliability.

You’re skilled at selling houses and mortgaging bungalows. Still, you don’t have your ID card, aka Real Estate Logo for your agency – there goes your credibility, I’m afraid, but I’m not here to lecture you on the significance of a Real Estate Logo – not today.

This little blog’s all about inspiration. Learning from the Best Real Estate Logo designs to make sure you don’t end up with a clichéd logo yourself.

TBH, we’ve just seen too many houses, buildings, and even huts in real estate logo designs. As a result, the need to construct more contemporary identities is greater than ever. Some companies, though, are way ahead of the game in this respect.

Let’s take a little tour across real estate logo design valley now, shall we?

1. Tim Perry Real Estate Logo

Tim Perry Real Estate Logo

Tim Perry, an individual skilled in the real estate business, Named after the owner, Tim Perry’s logo, uses the Initial only approach. The real estate logo design is a classic portrayal of how minimalism and creative thought can be blended into one logo. Notice that the T and P do somewhat look like the outline of a roof – hence you can gauge (if you’re a good observer) that the logo belongs to a real estate agency, but the logo isn’t “in your face” either.

2. Delicious Real Estate logo

Delicious Real Estate logo

The name looks yummy, but the logo is yummier. I know I’m contradicting my own words when I say this but have you seen a better use of houses in a logo? It’s a fairly unconventional logo and not a typical use of the cliché house element.

Let’s see the logo before I say more.

Logo designing isn’t just about conveying your own vision. At times you can also use your logo design as a realization for customers about their problems. Confused?

Look at the Delicious real estate logo every carefully. All the houses in this logo are quite petite as compared to the one that’s highlighted. A speech bubble says, “delicious.” The company or logo designer has done this to pick a pain point and use it in its logo design.

It looks like the problem they’ve pointed out and used as their advertising tactic is the need for spacious and reasonably sized homes.

3. Michael Gourkani

Michael Gourkani

I honestly think that some people are just named for fame. Anyhow, the real estate logo of this firm ticks all the boxes. Creative, simple, and comprehensive all the same.

The logo speaks of luxury, and rightly so. Michael Gourkani is renowned for selling affluence homes to those who live at the top (pun intended). The key would have been a cliché had the real estate agent added it without creative thought.

What? Oh, I’ll make perfect sense when your logo at the logo again.

See what I mean? The key incorporates the initials M and G of the brand name very smartly without being too ostentatious about it. Additionally, the black and gold theme perfectly says, “we sell luxury homes.”

4. Christie’s International Real Estate

Christie’s International Real Estate

When you say international, you’ve got to look like it, no? Christie’s Real Estate logo reminds us of how a simple design can exude elegance and create a very contemporary look.

However, a logo like this also needs a strong fan base. Christie has built the trust of its clients over a considerable period of time; hence they see the logo as a symbol of excellence and reliability.

5. Compass Real Estate

Compass Real Estate

The name says it all, and the logo complements it like anything. From the name to their logo, Compass Real Estates portrays an image that they are the ones who point you towards the right paths that lead you to your dream destination.

6. Big Block Realty

Big Block Realty

You can really get amused by some logos, and I mean, they are actually commendable. Finally, a logo that can capture interest has done its job well.

They’ve even drifted from the usual subtle fonts and used a much bolder, bigger font to represent their name well. The big green block that you can see in comparison to several small ones depicts Big Block’s bigger, wider reach than other realtors. It’s smart, unique, and modern! This is one trend to watch out for and seek valuable inspiration from.

7. Rose Associates

Rose Associates

Operating in the heart of elite America, Rose Associates is a firm well known for mortgaging luxury homes and buildings in Manhattan. Their real estate logo is a marvel in itself because it isn’t overwhelming, yet it manages to catch the right eye.

Oh, what a beauty! The designer takes the shape of a rose and collides it elegantly with the sharp edges of Manhattan’s skyscrapers or high-rise buildings. The red and gray colors emanate energy along with sophistication and elegance.

I think I’ve got my heart set on this one.

7 Real Estate Logos for Inspiration

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