7 Popular Small Business Management Softwares to Boost Scalability

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I am tired of conducting everything manually and facing inefficient processes, prioritization issues, and communication challenges?

There is no doubt! 

Every small business faces challenges in acquiring additional sales or managing operations responsibilities in less time. Keeping a small business productive and on-task becomes more difficult as the company expands. It requires both time and money to solve specific business-related issues. 

So, how to deal with such situations? And how can you grow your business instantly and increase its profits in less consecutive time?

In such instances, business management software (BMS) can provide benefits and make investments in the right direction.

What is Business Management Software?

Generally, business management software can automate business processes, projects, or tasks. With such effective solutions, you can make changes as necessary as per requirement. Such business solutions are customer service, task & project management, communication, file management, lead management, e-commerce, content management, and Accpac accounting software.

The numerous types of business management software are Asset Management, Database Software, Invoicing, Word Processing Programs, invoicing, etc. 

Why Use Business Management Software?

Using business management tools will offer advantages like ease of use, versatility, enhanced productivity, and reduced solution cost. In addition, such solutions can minimize the cost of processes and analyze the strategies. 

Furthermore, this flexible and effective solution can quickly fulfill the requirements of the business accordingly. By streamlining the processes and improving collaboration for organizations, BMS is a scalable and easily adaptable solution. In addition, it has the features of eliminating implementation and maintenance costs. 

To be sure, the selection of BMS depends on automating the processes and the business size and price of the software. Therefore, it is recommended to consider every factor before choosing one. 

In the meantime, we have come up with a list of popular Business Management Software. So, let’s get started. 

Leading BMS to Boost Business Scalability

1. Sage Software

Sage is a cloud-based business management software that can quickly bring multiple business processes and tasks into a single platform. Whether it is about managing inventory systems, determining finances, or just requiring complete visibility on real-time data, sage software is counted as an essential business solution for every small to large business. 

The sage 300 ERP software and others can flexibly handle HR management, resource management, scheduling, and other various operations to improve a company. 


  • Sage software helps in reviewing critical business information in real-time from anywhere. 
  • A complete payment processing package, document management, sales & e-commerce, CRM, reporting, fixed assets, HR management, manufacturing, accounting, and many more.

2. Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Netsuite is a cloud-based business management software that can combine various business processes into a single platform. The Netsuite software can have multiple applications, including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, omnichannel commerce, and professional services automation. 

The software enables organizations to manage most of their core business tasks and processes. From marketing automation to customer service management, Netsuite has multiple functionalities to expand and fulfill business needs. 


  • Excellent drill-down capabilities from several system views.
  • Simple reporting
  • Custom process workflows
  • Easily navigable, hierarchical dashboards.
  • Provides Global business intelligence by enabling access to worldwide financial, business, and customer data.

3. Hive

Hive has integrated and powerful software to manage business processes and other various operations. With the built-in flexibility features, the clients can work the business anywhere without any doubt. 

The productivity feature of this platform supports multiple insights for handling projects as per your needs. For example, a client can quickly access all the information needed to complete a task by assigning team members, attaching files, creating subsections.


  • Assist in streamline processes and communication.
  • My action list helps in creating a to-do list.
  • Contains features like email, forms, analytics, resources, and many more. 

4. StudioCloud

This all-in-one solution is a cloud business management software for designers, photographers, massage therapists, tattoo artists, and many others. The software is well-equipped with invoicing, project management, client management, online booking, appointment scheduling, etc. 

This platform can send messages and reminders to your clients whenever there are schedule changes or payment reminders. As a result, it becomes easy to keep track of appointments, invoices, and staff members.


  • Features of time-tracking of employees and managing lead generation.
  • Provide a facility for import and export data.
  • Enable clients to customize the interface of software, invoices, and contracts. 

5. Nifty

Nifty is a well-collaborated platform for tracking employees, delivering projects, creating planning. This cloud-based project management solution is developed to help marketing and product teams to maintain the relationships between tracking, task assignment, collaborations, and more. 

Managers using Nifty software can quickly create thread discussions, manage documents with role-based user access, and facilitate collaboration. 


  • Various vital features are idea management, project planning/scheduling, status tracking, prioritization, file sharing, customizable templates, etc.
  • Through NIfty, project managers can discuss and handle projects via team chat or video calls.

6. HubSpot

HubSpot is a free CRM software suitable for small and large businesses. It is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and service platform built to help you execute inbound and grow better. The solution is best for building customer relationships, increasing traffic, running inbound marketing campaigns, and managing pipelines with total visibility. 

It can automatically track customer interactions, whether they visit the site through email, social media, or call. 


  • HubSpot has various solutions like Marketing Hub, Service Hub, Sales Hub, CMS Hub, and free CRM. 
  • Provides features like Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, Analytics, and others for marketing.
  • Email Tracking, Customer Feedback, Meeting Scheduling, Email Automation, Knowledge Base, and Tickets are also Sales Hub and Service Hub features.
  • Has content management software.

7. Wrike

Wrike is a versatile and robust project management software, which is powerful with modern and agile features. The software provides an online solution for managing projects to establish preferences, regulate goals, and contrive resources over your organization. 

It empowers your teams to do the best work with 360° visibility, true collaboration, and powerful automation. From custom dashboards to team-specific automation to streamline processes, Wrike can handle everything. 


  • Make faster decisions and stimulate projects with automation, real-time visibility, customizable dashboards, and reports.
  • Reduce silos, adapt to change, and secure your entire organization for meeting business goals together.
  • Keep your organization accountable by assembling projects on one platform.

Overall Takeaway!

Now you are well aware of some most popular business management software! Every software mentioned above has its features and methods of handling the business operation. So, choose them wisely. However, while picking such software, always keep your business requirements and the budget in mind.

I hope you have got all your answers! 

Thanks for reading!

7 Popular Small Business Management Softwares to Boost Scalability

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