7 Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Business Cards Online

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Printing business card online in Nigeria is cheap, convenient, and hassle-free. It is the best option for startups of busy executives who have no time looking around for a physical printing store. You have an option to upload your design, hire a designer on the site, or create your custom design using the company’s range of blank canvas options. Below are some mistakes you should avoid when ordering business cards online.

Inconsistent information

There is a risk of offering too little, too much, or inaccurate information when ordering business cards online. It is very important to consider the information to display on the cards. Ignoring this is likely to make you end up with cards lacking the information you needed. This is likely to make you end up with cards that you can’t use leading a waste of time, money, and effort.

Not double-check everything

After ensuring that your card has all standard information, it is important to double-check everything. After filling out everything you need on the card, you have to proofread whatever you have filled in. You can also have another person to look over the information to be sure that cards have no mistakes you failed to pick up. Double checking ensures that there are no spelling errors on the card and all telephone numbers and address details are correct. Some of the basic information of a professional business card includes:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Tagline
  • Website
  • Physical address
  • Mobile phone number

Opting for generic looking cards

Professional business cards need to give something for prospects to hold on to. Apart from having basic information, the appearance of your cards matters. The best online company where to print business cards in Lagos should give you multiple options to make your cards stand out. These might include offering an in-house designer, allowing you to upload your custom design, or creating a custom design using templates.

With such options, you will have an opportunity to create business cards that stand out. Using generic templates for your cards is likely to make them look like those of everyone else. Having unique and memorable cards makes it easy for customers to pick them out from hundreds of stacked cards. Most business cards have a horizontal layout but a reputable company should give you options to have a square or round corners.

Using low-resolution photos

Business cards look nice with images. However, you have to avoid using a fuzzy and bad image with low resolution and pixels. When sending the designer the image to use, it should be high resolution with larger file size. Alternatively, your image should be in .jpg or PDF for working with CMYK. Avoid using images extracted from your website. Consider hiring a professional photographer to take some quality images from which to choose one for use on your cards. In addition, ask the photographer to give you the images in soft copy to avoid scanning them to send to the designer.

Not including a logo

Every brand needs a logo to represent it. This makes it essential for professional business cards to have the logo of your company. Startups without a logo should hire someone to make one cheaply before printing their business cards. The logo should feature prominently on the cards and be easy to read. You can have the logo on the front or alone at the back for double-sided cards. Additionally, your tagline should align with the logo in a readable font.

Putting information closer to the edge

Business cards don’t usually have a visible margin. This comes with a risk of cutting some words if put too close to the margin. Quality cards have bleeds especially those with an image or color extending towards the margin. There is usually some cut of when trimming the cards and the content should remain centered. When designing your business cards, some room should be left for machine trimming so important information is not lost on the cut-off.

Using very small text

Quality business cards should be readable. When designing business cards, the text might look fine on the computer screen but hard to real after printing. Luckily, the company graphic designer will ensure the readability of the text on your cards. The recommended smallest text size for a business card is 8pt but it depends on the font. However, you can play it safe by opting to use 10pt font. This will ensure that everyone is able to read the text on your business cards.

Bottom line

Business cards are essential tools for any business. These spread the word about your business and make a good representation of your brand. Luckily, it is no cheaper and more convenient to print your business cards in Lagos online. However, you have to avoid mistakes including using generic designs and not cross-checking information on your cards.

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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering Business Cards Online