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7 Marketing Strategies for ERP Software Development & SaaS Companies

Buying and selling software as a service has become the new norm. With time we have grown out of this belief that it is difficult to maintain strong levels of security and control with the model of buying software. The cost associated with it has decreased as well and that has lowered barriers to entry into this market. The buyer today has become more aware and is often found differentiating between countless competing products. Where do you stand in this ocean of options? Lost somewhere I believe?

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Let’s have a look at some of the most effective marketing strategies that if applied correctly may very well do the job of putting you back on the map:

Effective Content Marketing

Haven’t we heard this too much and too frequently? Just like several countless businesses around the globe, you could be leveraging content marketing to build your ERP software development brand. By being clever in your approach you can attract more visitors to your website and generate leads that will actually convert. A key advantage of knowing your content marketing game is that you know the drill. If organic tools aren’t working as well as they should, you can make your content continue to drive leads with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and other forms of paid platforms. Just don’t leave any stone unturned. Content should always be a key aspect of your marketing strategy and it’s absolutely essential not to overlook its distribution. Invest in content creation but don’t neglect its distribution. Period!

It Is Very Important To Identify Your Ideal Customer

Don’t be one of the many companies that fail to identify their ideal customers by:

  • Their profession
  • Their position in the company
  • The problems they face

Don’t Forget To:

  • Interview them
  • Survey your prospects
  • Pick a little brain of the people working in your company
  • Sort through relevant and important data in your CRM
  • Examine user reviews, feedback, and customer queries

The idea here is to uncover behavioral patterns and attitudes that will help you create a positive persona about your brand.

Invest in Original Video Content

Video content is a strong marketing tool. It is becoming extremely widespread and lets you connect with target companies and individuals alike. Not many users in your consumer base will have the time to go through a product description. Most of them would want to engage in a minute or two-minute long fun and entertaining video instead.

Tell Them Great Stories

This is also a very intelligent way to market your product to your prospects. While your technology is complex, your way of conveying a message has to be simple and effective. Remember, still, a lot of those consumers that you are going to target are in for a good read. Contrary to what you just read above but true! Therefore the right way here to market your products and services is to focus on telling them a persuasive story. Tell them just how good you are in making things possible for your customers and helping them achieve what they want to and link that great story to their actual testimonial for the final impact. Now that is how you deliver a masterstroke!

Don’t Forget To Make The Most Of Google AdWords

Thousands of people online who are searching for your brand still prefer to click on search engine ads. These ads are becoming more and more notable in SERPs and this is why you should continue to invest in them. AdWords remains pivotal because with their help you can deliver focused traffic to your website. Needless to mention you can also increase or reduce your budget based on your needs. Do we even need to explain it further?


Many ERP software development and SaaS businesses are collaborating as we speak just to run a co-marketing ad campaign. If you are planning to do this, you are better off looking for other firms that either complement your services or share a similar perspective on marketing. As a part of a co-marketing team, you will be required to create content, host webinars, or create eBooks the expenses of which will be shared by the co-marketing parties.

Be active on social media

Now isn’t that your favorite thing to do? Your industry peers and target customers all are connected to social media and thus it is time to utilize it in your inbound marketing processes. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat can be used to post engaging content that will be full of relatable posts. Once they start to trend, they will bring in more traffic and your engagement levels will enhance resulting in more conversions and click-through rates. Be warned, this marketing strategy is not set in stone. The internet is changing. Technologies are evolving and you will always have to catch up with them.

7 Marketing Strategies for ERP Software Development & SaaS Companies

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