7 Little Things to Improve an eCommerce Business
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7 Little Things to Improve an eCommerce Business


You should read this article if you want to improve sales on your online store and are still building your online store. You can use demography to learn where your customers are coming from and target them with your digital marketing ads for maximum sales to those who need your products. A detailed approach to selecting related products to feature with each product will also encourage sales of your products.

Below are seven strategies to help you improve your e-commerce business:

  • Upsell and Cross-Sell: The strategy of upselling and cross-selling implies adding the related products feature to your eCommerce website to influence your buyers to spend more. Upselling involves showing the customers a similar product with better performance and a higher price margin. At the same time, cross-sell is the act of showing other products that compliment the one the customer is trying to buy. Upselling and cross-selling require proper analysis of your product and a great plan while listing. This will help the customers choose the right product for their needs while spending more in your store. In addition, cross-selling usually allows the customer to buy two or more products at a lower price than they will buy individually. You can use this strategy on the sales or checkout page, and it does not require technical knowledge of the e-commerce website.
  • Use digital and content marketing professionals on your site: One sure step in building your eCommerce business is using digital marketing practices. This includes many processes, and if you are not specialized, it would be best if you hired the services of a digital marketer or digital marketing firm. These individuals will help you ensure that the content on and outside your website are well optimized to attract customers and influence their buying decision. In addition, digital marketing professionals understand how social media management, search engine optimization, effective link building, content marketing, guest posting, and other digital marketing tools can be helpful to give you better reach and increase sales. 
  • Put up slow-moving products on sale: When a product sits on the shelf for a long, it slows down cash flow and business growth. This is one of the reasons why regular retail companies have sales at the end of the year. So go through your inventory for products that need to leave the store asap. Some of these products will include perishable goods, seasonal goods, and the ones that have become obsolete or have an upgraded version. Try to sell these items before you sell others. Other than your e-commerce website, you can even place ads for these items on Craigslist and other marketplaces. Doing this might take a while, but it will help you sell faster, increase sales, and boost revenue.
  • Harness the live chat feature: Activating live chat on your e-commerce website helps you interact faster with your potential and existing customers. Consequently, you get to respond to the clients faster and help them make a buying decision. This will help many products convert to sales and give an excellent customer experience to those who visit your eCommerce site. You can also get an analysis of questions being asked by customers to find out the primary problems affecting your business and figure out ways to fix them. Including live chat on an e-commerce platform is easy to implement and affordable. You can switch it on and off, depending on your availability. In addition, you can hire two or three virtual assistants to help you respond to inquiries and boost your income.
  • Please include a contact number: Make it easy for customers to contact you via phone. This is a similar strategy to live chat. You can interact with your customers by adding your phone number to your website and social media platforms. For example, you can add active hours on your Facebook page and website so customers can reach you with their inquiries within the specified period. You can also program the website to hide the phone number when your virtual call team is unavailable. Get two or three phone lines for your call center management. 
  • Attract more clients with perks like free shipping: Customers are notorious for loving freebies, and there are many ways that you can teach this on your website. For example, most e-commerce businesses have a free shipping option when customers buy products up to a certain amount. This encourages the client to buy more to meet the requirements for free shipping. Another perk you can employ is discounted offers when they pre-order products that are not available in the store yet. Doing this may look like you are losing money, but you get to increase sales and boost revenue when you give customers ways to save money. Give your customers these perks and discounts, and they will clear their abandoned cart in no time.
  • Follow Up with Customers: Sending out gifts like personalized cards can help to build customer loyalty. These cards do not have to be physical to reduce cost. You can design a digital card and send it through their emails; they will appreciate the gesture. You can also use their emails to remind them about the goods in their cart and entice them to continue shopping and checkout. Build customer loyalty by sending thank-you cards to your old or new customers a few days after making their first purchase. Emails are the best means of communication with clients because people check their emails daily. So it is best to be around them without appearing too sales-y. You can also study your competitors in the market to find out what they are doing and figure out ways to do better. Then, incorporate it into your strategy to build customer loyalty.

No matter how good your business is, there is always room for improvement. No one turns down an opportunity to make more money or free advice. This article is free advice that shows you seven opportunities to make more money. Take it and run with the advice. Don’t forget to share with your friends with e-commerce stores too.

7 Little Things to Improve an eCommerce Business

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