7 Cost-Saving Ideas For a Legal Marketing Plan

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7 Cost-Saving Ideas For a Legal Marketing Plan

When you create a marketing budget for your law firm, you shouldn’t feel compelled to spend a great deal on premium marketing services. While paid marketing can give your firm’s visibility a good boost, there are also plenty of great free and low-cost ways to market your practice. Using these resources consistently can generate greater awareness about your law firm and increase your overall conversion rates.

Post to Your Blog

If your website doesn’t already have a blog, you should add one as soon as possible. Creating blog posts regularly is a free way to help you increase your law firm’s visibility. In addition, as you use relevant keyword phrases and use other good SEO practices, your blog pages will appear at the top of more search results, driving more traffic to your website.

Keep an Active Social Media Page

You can also drive more traffic to your site by staying active on your social media pages. Be sure to link to your blog posts and end with a call to action that drives users to click your links. By adding hashtags with related keyword phrases, you can reach more users than those currently following your pages.

Create Video Content

Video content is growing in both supply and demand. However, if you’re not consistently making videos and sharing the links for them on your social media pages, you’re failing to take advantage of a tremendous free marketing resource. Keep your videos related to your legal practice, but focus on trending issues and topics for a better view count.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is another free or low-cost resource that can help you grow your business. Most commercial businesses also use email marketing to reduce churn, but a law firm may not see many opportunities to bring back former clients. However, you can still keep past clients informed about your firm’s activities and services. If you generate your email list, this is a free service that will only cost the time it takes to write a weekly or monthly newsletter. Otherwise, some services will sell you email lists for small fees.

Dabble in SMS Marketing

Every legal marketing plan should include SMS or text message marketing. This low-cost service allows you to market to people who may need your services. Texts are kept short and concise to ensure they’re easy for the recipients to read quickly. Typically, they notify consumers about a sale, new product, or some other type of limited event. For example, your law firm can use SMS marketing to provide brief legal tips to encourage recipients to consult your firm. If your firm is offering a temporarily reduced rate or another type of promotion, this is the perfect way to spread awareness about the event.

Get Involved in Your Community

You can connect with local people by getting involved in community events. If there’s a charity or cause that you feel strongly about, get involved in fundraisers for those causes. You can also set up a booth at a local fair, festival, or convention to introduce your law firm to the people in your community. When people see that you care about the people in your neighborhood, they will be more likely to choose your firm over another.

Ask Clients to Review Your Business

When you provide a high quality of service to your clients, they will feel encouraged to tell other people about their experiences with your firm. This is a great method for generating consistent word-of-mouth advertising. You should make a point to ask your clients to leave a review on your social media pages or a consumer review site. Consider sending them an automated email that asks them to rate and review their experience with your firm to simplify this process. When people are consistently providing positive reviews, more people will turn to your law firm for the services you provide.

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the ways you can use digital marketing services, it may make sense to consult a marketing firm. They can help you customize a marketing strategy that employs free and premium services. They will also help you stay within your budget to market your business consistently and without overspending.

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7 Cost-Saving Ideas For a Legal Marketing Plan

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