7 Best Christmas Marketing Ideas That All eCommerce Stores Should Curate
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7 Christmas Marketing Ideas for eCommerce

7 Best Christmas Marketing Ideas That All eCommerce Stores Should Curate

The Christmas shopping season makes it rain money for retailers. As an eCommerce business owner, it’s the best of times for you to see phenomenal sales. 

To double the thrill of this festive season and witness some santastic profits, your marketing approach needs a magic touch.

Thus, this blog focuses on 7 authentic marketing ideas to skyrocket your sales. It exposes customers’ psychology and intends to help you fully exploit the Christmas 2021 ecstasy.

Why is Christmas important?

Occurring in the last quarter of the year, this festive season sets a new sales record year after year. It boosts the sales of every retailer with its 3 phases of shopping madness – pre-Christmas, Christmas, and post-Christmas shopping. 

Thus, with the Christmas bells ringing, online and offline retailers have heavy promotions, markdowns, and offers to propel customers’ shopping sprees.

As per data, the total holiday sales of the US in these two months (November and December) are expected to reach $859 Billion, which is 8.5 to 10.5% growth compared to the previous year.

This makes Christmas one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, and it has gotten bigger and better online. Thus, take advantage and completely capitalize this season through these 7 incredible marketing hacks.

  • Hourly Deals – Live the rush!

“A deal an hour” surges the thrill of shopping with an element of surprise. It stirs customers to shop more. These unexpected deals with huge discounts draw shoppers’ attention, increase conversions, and improve sales.

For instance, if you’re offering a 20% discount on a product, you can increase it to 50% only for the hour or introduce a new discount on a specific product only for a limited time.

Either way, the limited-time sales concept induces a high rate of impulse purchases – It leaves no time for customers to analyze. 

 Next, to make your “Hourly Deals” more efficient, promote it on social media, emails, and web push notifications. Emails sent in the evenings are meant to have higher open and click-through rates. To increase the ROI and gain customer loyalty, expand the offer time for an hour or two as a bonus. 

The strong sense of urgency and discounted rates of flash sales seduce any shopper to make a purchase.

  • Gift guides – The gifting way

Gift guides follow the “Customer-first” strategy. As a result, you understand better who your users are, their needs, and how you can help them.

By crafting gift guides, you grasp the attention of novice gift shoppers and help them find unique and creative gifts for their close ones. In addition, publishing your gift guides on the internet drives organic traffic to your site and provides you with the opportunity to introduce new products.

Follow the following points for better results while preparing your gift guide.

  • Create guides that are specific to your target audience
  • Address popular gifting queries in it
  • Infuse keywords
  • Prepare a compelling copy 
  • Include your products and services 
  • Repurpose it for social media and email marketing.

Examples of gift guides include:

  • X Gifts for pet lovers
  • Hilarious CrossFit gift ideas
  • Top deals this Christmas
  • Personalized gifts for newborns
  • X Best under-$20 gifts 
  • Gifts that your ten-year-old will love
  • X Thoughtful gifts for your BF/GF
  • Freebie – It’s giveaway time!

‘FREE’ is the perfect word to crack open all budget-conscious shoppers. Who wouldn’t want a freebie? 

Incentivize every purchase with a gift and let your customers know you love them.

A study revealed that 75% of US millennial digital shoppers are more likely to make a repeat purchase if they received a freebie. Customers are more drawn to secret giveaways than those informed before purchase. You can also let your customers choose their gift from a list of options. Your freebie can be,

  • As simple as free stickers, magnets, and samples.
  • A complimentary piece like accessories for clothing products or extension cable for electronics.
  • Memorabilia or signed merchandise.
  • Free services such as free rides or more.

No matter what, gifts double the thrill and excitement, increasing the likelihood of shopping.

SAMPLE image: Mention  FREE GIFTS ON EVERY PURCHASE on the phone.

  1. Buy more, Save more – It’s all about Math!

Shoppers are spurred to grab a handful with this marketing strategy. “Buy more, Save more” is a perfect tactic to push customers to buy more than they have planned. It grows the average order value of the cart. 

Customers are more inclined to ‘buy more’ when you offer a better discount for higher quantities. Buy more, save more concept enables large moving stocks, stagnant cash products, attracting customers, increasing overall sales, and boosting reputation.

Please do the math in such a way that it’s profitable for both you and your customers. Then, find a sweet spot between product cost and your profit margin to take advantage of.

  • Run referrals – Turn customers into marketers!

Word-of-mouth from friends and family works miracles in business. Referral marketing is a successful approach that generates 3-5X better conversion rates than other channels. For instance, offering an extra 5-10% discount for referring someone will motivate your existing customers to do it. 

As a Christmas marketing strategy, issuing gift cards and VIP passes to your long-term customers will encourage more people to sign up or buy from you. This way, you can construct a loyal customer base.

Other than direct referrals, you can also cheer your customers to do social media referring by giving feedback for your business/product on social media.

To enhance your referral drive, pair it up with email marketing. Sending a series of emails stating the benefits of your referral drive will increase responses.

  • Google Ads campaign: Be found!

More than being present online, you need to be found. Think of some common terms that your target audiences are searching for this holiday season. Are you found for that?

Google Ads shows your business to people who might be interested in your products/services. It also gives you a better opportunity to reach your potential customers on various devices and channels.

For example, If you’re an eCommerce fashion store for women, you shall be found when a customer googles something like “trending A-line dresses” or “best clothing deals.” This marks your presence and creates awareness about your business.

So, try to make the most out of Google Shopping Ads by using the right keywords, having separate landing pages for each offer/product, and implementing the perfect digital campaigns.

  • Social Media –  Do what’s trending!

57.6% Of the global population is on social media (4.55 Billion social media users). Figures also state that roughly 15% of people’s waking lives are spent using social media. This makes social media the top-notch optimal way to find new customers and engage with existing ones. 

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are four major social media platforms lifting businesses to new heights. This is because they provide exclusive features to reach your target audience with ease. For example, Facebook offers a range of channels to target your audience on the holidays, including Facebook stories, groups, business page posts, Messenger, Marketplace, and Facebook Ads.

Running promotional videos and ads and posting offer posts and stories accelerate sales by reaching a large audience. However, you can also promote new trends and create the “fear-of-missing-out (FOMO)” that always impacts shoppers.


Kickstart this holiday season by experimenting with the above rad marketing strategies. 

But, if you feel that you get a huge chunk of traffic, but it’s not converting even after trying these strategies, then we recommend that you take up the “FREE MARKETING AUDIT.”

It will help you identify your pain points and suggest different ways to optimize your business with a detailed downloadable report. Give it a try!

7 Best Christmas Marketing Ideas That All eCommerce Stores Should Curate

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