7 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Better Ranking In SERP
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7 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Better Ranking In SERP

WordPress plugins are tools that complete the features on Websites and Blogs. In addition, they give many functions and options which help to customize users’ pages. In these tools, one of the functions is SEO analysis which is handled by other WordPress tools.

If you want to improve the results by following the web optimization parameters of digital marketing, you can install a specific plugin.

If your website browses on WordPress, then SEO plugins will boost your efforts by improving the speed of page loading, website privacy, and overall functions of a website. In addition, other elements of SEO plugins contribute to outstanding performance in search results.

It can give you an understanding of users’ search intent and keywords that can generate relevant traffic, manage the size of the image files you are given, and manage the readability of contents.

7 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Better Ranking In SERP

In this article, I will elaborate on the top 7 WordPress SEO plugins that can contribute to your functions on SEO and also side hustle ideas for generating traffic.

1) Rank Math

Rank Math is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins, with over 1.2 million users. It is published as “the swiss army knife of SEO tools for WordPress” and elevates a broad set of features.

With this tool, you can do anything you want. For example, you can mention too many words in one post, and this tool will cover the focused points so that your post has a huge engagement rate on social media platforms.

Firstly this Rank Math tool has AI to guide you on how much better you should do in one Content so that it will rank. It also analyzes the posts that you have written and provides suggestions based on SEO practices.

Meanwhile, you can use SEO analysis to analyze the whole site. It also has the facility to look at 30 individual SEO issues that your article may have and gives an SEO score out of 100. Then it provides a checklist of your article’s issues so that you move up and make corrections to those issues.

Rank Math gives you a neat list of SEO problems you are currently facing, and it will guide you to sort out the problems.

2) SEO press

Another best WordPress SEO plugin for Blogging on the market is SEOPress. It has the top helpful features you need while digital marketing. It also has outstanding plans on the market, which are free of cost.

The free version SEOPress has impressive features that are as follows:

    • First, you can easily add your meta description that has been optimized for search to all your posts and web pages.
    • You will be able to create sitemaps of posts, authors, images, and pages, and then you can submit them to google for the development of the crawling feature.
    •  After choosing your target keyword, SEOPress will analyze the content and function on dozens of checks so that you will be sure that your content has been fully optimized. You can see your improvement areas in the checklist below the WP editor.
    • SEOPress will ping the search engine to give space to new content so that your content will automatically appear in the SERP’s top list.
    • You can set your thumbnails and control how they will be looked at when people share your posts on social media.

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3)  SEO Framework

SEO Framework is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. It is lightweight and built with illustrated graphic code, so your site will not get slow.

It is another all-in-one SEO Plugin that focuses on doing everything a website owner needs. But it is not like the other competitors of this tool; it manages to pack all the different features and turn them into a lightweight plugin so that it doesn’t hurt your performance. It will also help your site to create the best marketing funnel.

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4)  Link Whisper

Link Whisper is a WordPress SEO plugin tool mainly for building links. It doesn’t have the various SEO tools we have seen in other tools, but it helps to build internal linking.

Maybe some people have no idea about internal linking, but it is an important part of SEO.

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5) Yoast SEO

Yoast is one of the popular SEO plugins for WordPress, and it offers many possible ways to deal with numerous types of content. Here you can check several things like meta description, keywords, etc. As a result, this tool increases traffic faster than Facebook ads.

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6) SEO quake

The approach taken by SEOquake is different from what we are familiar with. The work of this tool has been done via the Google Chrome extension, which gives you the chance to perform an SEO analysis on the pages that don’t have access to the dashboard.

It is also possible to check internal and external links, deliver the analyzed data, and create them to create KPIs. You can use this tool along with google ads to increase traffic.

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7) Premium SEO Pack

Premium SEO Pack is a plugin designed to guide in optimizing search engine web pages. It has a feature that improves your website’s speed and offers a satisfying experience to users. In addition, it tends to guide you in social media marketing.

It allows internal link building to improve your webpage; we all know link building is very important for a website. The tool can also optimize the images of websites as well.

Premium SEO pack has the website snippet feature, which can highlight your post in SERP (search engine result page).

Final Terms – 7 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Better Ranking In SERP

We have discussed above the best WordPress SEO plugin tools for increasing digital marketing, and they will allow you to increase the engagement rate. Also, engagement rate can guide you in all ways so that your content remains errorless while you publish on your site.

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7 Best WordPress Plugins To Use For Better Ranking In SERP

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