7 Basic Writing Mistakes to Avoid 2021

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Some basic writing mistakes are commonly seen in both printed and online content. In this blog, we will highlight all those common that you can easily avoid from your writing piece. You can learn to recognize these errors to avoid them in your writing so you can create the most interesting, engaging, and effective writing.

Remember, these small mistakes can be embarrassing. That’s why it’s important to identify and avoid them in your writing. Take your time to understand; once you familiarize yourself with these mistakes mentioned in this blog, you will be a master in your field.

Messy Structure

Many writers make this mistake frequently; they make their readers feel confused rather than connected. They get fail in getting readers’ interest. The ultimate goal of any writer is to develop such content that makes readers feel attached and each of the word build bond with your reader. It shows the writer didn’t design his work properly, so it’s better to plan it completely before starting because if you don’t do that, it means your structure will end up illogical.

How to fix

Before you start writing, think about it what to do. You want to highlight how your topic will begin and end. You can create an outline and pointers that help you to write systematically. If you can’t do that, then review it carefully before publishing it. In that way, you can easily take out which sentence is breaking the structure.

Too much Jargon

Always keep this in mind for whom you are ghostwriting services and show that your content and in-text style helps you throughout your writing. If you are writing for specialists, then you can use technical terms and jargons repeatedly in your sentence, but if you are writing for your general audience, then it is difficult for them to get what your purpose and intentions are behind the sentence; try to avoid too many jargons because it will distract your reader – also your reader will not get it properly. The one who is a master in the writing field knows the difference between how these effects and break your sentences.

How to fix

Take your time to visualize your audience and then figure out their understanding level because the trend of writing has changed. If you use such difficult words and jargon in your sentence, your audience will not enjoy your written document, but they get bored. The major reason I’m saying to avoid is these jargons can roll off your readers’ tongue because they are unfamiliar with them.  Once you get it, you automatically portray your written document, which can be understood easily.

Poor Punctuation

The writer is passing knowledge and information through his writing. The important thing in writing is punctuation; it shows the nature of your sentence. A question mark and a full stop are pretty much safe to use but expect them. It isn’t easy to get the right details and intention if you don’t use it perfectly.

How to fix

Search for an updated punctuation guide for reference and read it cautiously unless you get a strong understanding. Pay extra attention to them and get clues on using them in your sentence that make it more comprehensible.

Inconsistency in Structure

In writing, make it visible who is your first-person; if you are writing a technical document still, it is essential to demonstrate your structure. For example, if you are writing about a “Designer,” and on the other hand, you are using “You,” that creates confusion – this repaid switch is to correct it looks clumsy. If it doesn’t create confusion, it still can be a disturbing element in your structure.

How to fix

When you make changes in your document, ensure your contexts are making sense. It may include your tenses, tones, structures, etc. Try to bring these changes into a line that makes your written document seem more perfect because these sudden jumps in structure can be noticed easily than any typo or grammatical error.

Too much Abstraction

Everyone has their way of writing. Some people write in a formal and informal context but using many abstractions is unnecessary but still gathers the reader’s attention. These are vague structures, but you can clarify their meaning functionality in your structure.

How to fix

Try to avoid such heavy phrases and abstract with simple verbs. Through this, your concept of writing will be delivered in the same way – there will be no space for any confusion; your reader will get exactly what you want to tell.

Unclear Antecedents

A vague antecedent happens in writing when a pronoun refers to one or more different words, and also, the reference is not clear and not showing the exact subject in your structure. Each time you use a pronoun, it should represent and hold the whole sentence.

How to fix

The editing is important in writing just because to resolve these unclear antecedents and vague sentences. The best way to fix it is to give it to someone else for reviewing it. You are already familiar with the context, but the one who didn’t read it before can easily catch the errors and mistakes.

Dense Presentation

In technical writing, always try to use a simple and easy way to convey your message because dense sentences and structures can confuse – also, sometimes readers switch their interest. You might get an award in literature, but you will get more readers and more sales because it would be better than a poor presentation.

How to fix

There are some best ways to resolve this issue of dense presentation – use short paragraphs, make pointers, use small chunks, use inverted commas, etc. using the appropriate word in the right way in a paragraph is essential.


In technical writing, the main things you need to focus on are your audience and planning. The above mistakes mention clear your viewpoints and writing methods to achieve your goal.

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Emily Michael is a wife, mother, and professional writer by choice. She completed her MBA in English literature from the University of Groningen. Currently, she is a permanent contributor to Content Writing Services in the US. She loves pets and can’t live without her beloved cat!

7 Basic Writing Mistakes to Avoid 2021

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