6 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Business Wildly Successful

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In the sea of similar online businesses, getting noticed by the right customers and increasing sales can be challenging. 

If you are having trouble increasing your eCommerce revenue, here are six powerful tips to help you.

  1. Strengthen your Customer Retention Strategy

Attracting new customers is essential for growing your business. However, to turn your online retail business into a long-term success, you need to retain your existing customers.

Customer retention strategies vary based on your company’s audiences, niche, and goals. 

Starting a loyalty program may be your perfect starting point. By offering discounts, exclusive offers, and reward tiers, you encourage customers to come back and spend more with your brand. Make sure your loyalty program is relevant to your target audience.

You should also put together a customer referral program. It provides your online store with two benefits. First, it attracts new leads and customers. Second, it encourages and rewards customer loyalty. 

       2. Improve Customer Service

Online customers expect brands to provide 24/7 customer service across multiple channels and devices. Fast and relevant customer service boosts their satisfaction and speeds up their purchases.

For starters, enable omnichannel customer support. Respond to customer inquiries via email, call center, live chat, chatbots, IM apps, etc. Use a CRM system to bring these tools together under a single platform. That also facilitates data collection and enables customer service personalization. 

Also, to improve customer service, you need to eliminate the silo mentality from your company. Remember that your marketing and accounting efforts go hand in hand. Only by optimizing your checkout and invoicing processes can you build trust with customers and inspire their repeat purchases. 

     3. Enable Mobile Shopping

With the rise of smartphones and fast internet connections, the number of mobile purchases is growing exponentially. To engage mobile searchers and convert them into paying customers, you need to provide seamless smartphone shopping experiences.

For starters, make your website responsive. Simplify the website architecture, declutter your navigation menu, and provide multiple search functionalities. 

To take mobile experiences to a whole new level, consider developing a shopping app. According to statistics, mobile apps improve the average order value and reduce shopping cart abandonment. 

     4. Personalize Customer Experiences

Online customers are tech-savvy. They expect businesses to provide them with highly personalized experiences at every touchpoint. 

For starters, collect customer data. Many online retailers take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning. One such example is Amazon. It monitors customers’ browsing habits, product views, shopping carts, past purchases, and locations to personalize their shopping and boost sales. 

You can also take advantage of virtual reality. Remember that your customers cannot see, feel, or try your products. That is why many brands have invested in VR apps. For example, Sephora’s VR app lets customers upload their photos and try on their makeup products. 

     5. Get the Most out of Email Marketing

We all know that collecting customer data and generating leads is crucial. However, how to transform your leads into paying customers and inspire them to come back?

That is where email list segmentation steps in. By knowing the specific traits that differentiate each customer group, you can create more personalized content. That is how you make your email marketing campaigns as precise as possible.

Now, you can break your email list down based on various criteria, including:

  • Product preferences
  • Past purchases
  • Location
  • Email open rate
  • Abandoned shopping carts
  • Purchase types

     6. Evoke FOMO

Wise online retailers know that creating a sense of urgency is essential. So instead of waiting for customers to finalize purchases, you get them to act fast. 

Now, you can evoke the fear of missing out (FOMO) in multiple ways:

  • First, show that people are buying your products.  For example, use social proof apps to show the names and locations of your customers.
  • Display stock levels. If their desired product is about to run out, a customer will take action and purchase them faster.
  • Create a countdown popup to show that a deal is about to expire. Then, knowing that they are running out of time, customers will click on your CTA and finalize the purchase.
  • Show how many people are looking at your product. That is how you stir their competitive spirit.


In today’s hypercompetitive online retail landscape, attracting, converting, and retaining customers is not easy. That is why you need to run your eCommerce business strategically. 

While this is not a comprehensive guide to improving your eCommerce business, it may serve as your solid starting point.

6 Tips to Make Your eCommerce Business Wildly Successful

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