6 Logo Design Principles that You Must Swear By

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6 Logo Design Principles that You Must Swear By

Creating a logo for the brand is not an easy job; we all have been there when we started our brand and wanted someone who could make me a logo. Nevertheless, finding a logo design agency is the best thing that you can do for your brand. When you have no idea regarding logo designs and are looking for someone to do it for you, there are a few things that you must know. First, even if you are not a designer yourself, you should have basic information about logo design. The logo’s main purpose is to represent your brand perfectly; it should send your brand message clearly to your audience.

With the right logo design service online, you can do just that. However, you must make sure being a client of the agency, you are also aware of the nitty-gritty of logo designing. Giving your input at every stage is very important as it gets you something extraordinary at the end of the day. When you want something extraordinary, you have to work for it; we all know that. However, everybody should know some basic principles regarding logo design. Whether you are a designer, learning about it is extremely important.

So, if you are someone who is still confused about this whole process, we have some essential tips for you that you must keep in mind if you are designing it yourself or even getting it designed by someone else.


We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a simple logo for your brand. The more complicated you make it, the more difficult it is for your audience to understand it. So make sure you are making it all easier for your audience. When they have difficulty understanding your logo, they would instantly shift to your competitors. This is the last thing you want for your brand.

In the current challenging times, simplicity is the only thing that stands out in the market. It is much easier to replicate an easy logo, but they are quite easy to work with. Your brand logo should be loud and clear while sending your message aesthetically without compromising your philosophy. The best example that you can see is Nike, just a simple swoosh and nothing else. It is as simple as that.

Make better choices regarding typefaces, graphics, and color options as well. It is better to choose simple and small elements for your logo to make it more understandable. The best-looking logo is not congested and overcrowded with different kinds of elements. One of the most important things is never to forget the white space. When you are going for simple logos, spacing is crucial.


Copying others would never get you anywhere. Taking inspiration is one thing, but blatantly copying others would never get you a strong customer base. Your logo needs to stand out in the market, and that can only happen when you bring originality to it. When the logo is original and different from other brands, it stays in people’s minds and always remembers them. For a second, give a thought to all the logos you have in your mind? Starbucks? Apple? The moment someone takes these brand names, Nike or Adidas, their logos instantly come to your mind. It could be because we see them all the time, but it is also because they are different and unforgettable.

All the effective logos are different and stand out from the crowd only because of their originality.
The first glance of your audience should be enough to keep your logo etched in their mind. When we talk about a unique logo, it means unique design too. At this point, all the artistry meets the great and exceptional ideas and the firm hand on the consumer design. When you have a simple and original logo, it is easier for people to remember, and the last thing you would want for your brand is people forgetting you and going to your competitors.


You will be making a huge mistake if you go for a logo that is not much versatile. Versatility is one thing that is the most important factor in logo designing. You want something for your logo that fits everything. If you choose one thing only, you would be set up for a considerable downgrade. Your logo should be versatile enough to get you printed throughout your marketing areas. It could be a simple t-shirt or a big billboard on the road, or maybe you would want it printed on the pole ads only. The dimensions and animations of the logo should be done. Accordingly, it should fit all the channels of marketing. Before getting your logo done, think of all the places you would be using your logo, and then get it designed accordingly. Please make sure they look good in every form.

When you have a simple logo, you can be more versatile. Moreover, you can achieve this versatility when you have a responsive logo. They are adaptive and can have various size variations, color variations, and accommodations and adaptations. Apart from this, you must make sure that your logo goes well with all kinds of colors and backgrounds. That means it should not look odd in any way in the black and white effects. Keeping it in mind that timeless logos go a long way. With the slight changes, you can do with them for a long time.


Again it is better to have a logo that is quite adaptable to all the sizes you have to work with. It should look as good on a billboard as it looks on a tiny pen. So take the adaptability principle in hand and know that your logo should be quite scalable to represent your brand on all the channels.

However, you have to make sure that you are not losing the basic sense of graphics and aesthetics while working on its size; wherever you are using it, it has to look good in all the forms. If you are adding many details to your logo, know that you are scaling it down to a lot smaller size. The designer can create the logo in vector format to achieve logo stability. With the help of rescaling, you can make all the vector files so that your logo turns out to be as sharp as you want when it is on the bigger poster.


The more balanced your design is, the more attractive it will be for your audience. When the design is more proportioned, it strikes the perfect balance between eh different elements that come together to make a brand logo for you. Apart from this, you must make sure you are taking care of the proportion. As people know, the proportion is known as the weight of every element that is joined together to make up a logo for you. When you look at it practically, the ones with the right proportion make the whole logo perfect and make quite a lot of sense.

If you want to get a balanced logo, we believe you should go for the symmetrical logos. This is because they are the most balanced with the help of equally-weighted elements that are all aligned on both sides of the centerline. Similarly, on the other side, you should know that asymmetrical logos are also balanced. Using the opposite weights, you can create a perfect composition that is not even. However, it still has some balance.


We cannot stress enough how important it is for your logo to be evergreen and timeless. Your logo should look as good ten years later as it looks today. To have a permanent space in your customer’s head, you have to bring some stability to your logo. If you keep changing them frequently, your customers will probably get confused and less likely to remember your brand.

However, there are no such restrictions on the changes; you can make as many changes as possible. But make sure you are not making many changes to them.

6 Logo Design Principles that You Must Swear By