6 Impressive Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Website On Black Friday

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The biggest shopping event of the year is just around the corner, and most companies and businesses are adding their cherries to their strategies and plans. But unfortunately, amidst all these foci on each company’s promotion and marketing stints, most forget to generate and boost the traffic for their sites.

Exclusive deals promotions are just as important as making advertisements and executing practices that will help create more traffic to your website. Here are six different methods to help you make more traffic to your site on Black Friday.

Create Your Content In Advance

Many shoppers are planning ahead of time for their strategies on Black Friday. Your primary goal is to direct them to your site as early as possible. Because of this, you need to create your content before Black Friday. This content will help hype your customers and cater to the shoppers who are buying products or filling up their shopping carts before Black Friday.

6 Impressive Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Website On Black Friday

An example is to give exclusive deals and discounts to those who enter your site before Black Friday. You can be more creative than this in generating traffic to your site and sustaining your sales before and after Black Friday.

Send Out Exciting and Inviting Email Campaigns

According to research, almost 75% of Black Friday’s sales come from emails to customers. So you can capitalize on this opportunity by sending out different emails to your customers for Black Friday.

A creative idea to execute in emails is making a curated gift guide. This guide can help the customer to pick inside the guide what they can gift to their special someone, family, friends, etc., without taking up a lot of time. You can also send them a message about a flash sale promotion. Or you can even send them a preview of what a VIP can get from signing up as one. Some brands consider loyal customers as the VIPs of their business. So assigning different deals can ignite and boost their retention and loyalty to your brand.

Apply SEO Practices To Drive Great Volume of Traffic

Search engine optimization can quickly help you in creating traffic for your site. Here are some ways you can do for your website:

  • Look at different Black Friday-specific keywords for your optimization. You can start by using Google Suggest to find popular keywords. Then, after looking at the popular ones, you can look at the related searches and other keywords. Lastly, always put the keyword “best” in your query phrase.
  • You need to know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses in your keywords. It is never enough to know about your audience; you also need to know more about your competitors and look at what keywords are working for them. Then, you can incorporate it into your optimization plan and adjust your strategy.
  • Create links for Black Friday. You can incorporate this by maximizing your outreach. Reach out to different influencers to produce links for your site.

Mobile Friendliness Is A Priority

With the rising number of people using mobile devices to access the internet, you need to make your website mobile-friendly. To check if your site is mobile-friendly, you can check it at Google Mobile-Friendly Test. It can give you different insights about your website and various details on where you can improve your site in its mobile-friendliness.

Another factor is ensuring a quick page loading speed because everything on mobile should be fast for the receiving end. You can check your speed at Google PageSpeed Insights for detailed information about your site’s loading speed performance.

To sum it up, mobile friendliness should be prioritized to catch a bigger audience pool and not only cater to those accessing your site through a desktop computer.

Promote On Your Social Media Accounts

It would be best if you were where your target audiences and customers are. When you have a social media platform, you have a community of followers and likers of your page. You can start promoting there to engage and interact with your audience quickly.

  • Hashtags are very helpful on Twitter because they can help your audiences track the conversations and other tweets relevant to the hashtag.
  • Facebook ads can be used to promote deals and discounts for Black Friday. This Facebook advertising guide can help you with the specifics of this process.
  • Instagram Stories is a new feature for Instagram where you can show an image or a video that should pique your followers’ attention there.
  • Pinterest boards can be utilized for making different boards for different products. This can spark ideas and inspiration from your audience.

Optimize Landing Pages For Conversion

Landing pages are used to improve your site’s conversion rates. They are also the main destinations of different online marketing campaigns. For example, you can make different landing pages that should highlight different deals and discounts on your site for Black Friday.

Landing pages are also helping to decrease page load time. Therefore, it is essential to aim for a lower page load time and lower bounce rate and abandonment issues on your site.

Black Friday is getting nearer, and you should have your marketing campaign ready and well-planned. With this article, we are hoping that we helped your business to have an unbeaten run on Black Friday.

6 Impressive Ways to Drive More Traffic To Your Website On Black Friday


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