6 eCommerce Personalization Strategies That Increase Conversions

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6 eCommerce Personalization Strategies That Increase Conversions

Personalization is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions and sales. Personalization has been shown to increase conversion rates by as much as 20%. However, many retailers fail to use personalization strategies effectively because they don’t know what their customers want or need. In this article, we’ll share six personalization strategies you can use to increase conversions on your website.

Six eCommerce Personalization Strategies That Increase Conversions

Segment your customers by behavior

The most important thing to remember when personalizing for e-commerce is that it’s not just about the user’s demographic information but also their behavior. Targeting people based on what they’ve done on a site is more effective than what they’ve told you they want or need.

This means that crafting the right message for each segment should be personalized to their actions and not just their preferences.

For example, if you know that a customer has bought a pair of shoes from your online store before, you can send them an email with suggestions for similar items or accessories (but not shoes). You can also use this information to send targeted offers based on past purchases and create a custom shopping cart for them during their next visit with specific items already added.

Personalize their experience based on the device

It’s no secret that mobile users have a more limited attention span than desktop users. So if you’re selling online and aren’t catering to your customer’s preferences, you’re missing out on a major portion of your audience.

Mobile shopping carts are 40% less likely to close than their desktop counterparts, which means that by ignoring mobile users, you’re essentially cutting off your profits before they even reach your store.

To ensure that each visitor gets the best possible experience, use a combination of responsive design and device detection to personalize every aspect of your site.

Show your customers you know them through personalized emails.

Customers love to feel special, and personalized emails make them feel that way. Personalized emails don’t just look better; they also perform better. According to MailChimp, personalized emails are six times more likely to get opened than non-personalized emails, and they perform 33% better in revenue per email sent than non-personalized emails.

Use location-based personalization

If you’re selling products or services in multiple locations, location-based personalization will help you tailor your offerings to each visitor’s local market — which can increase your conversion rates significantly. For example, suppose someone from Australia visits your site while in New York City on business. In that case, they’ll see different prices and offers than those who visit from Sydney or Melbourne when they’re back home — even if both visitors look at the same product page. This personalization gives customers an enhanced experience while also helping them see what might be missing from their local market.

Drive additional sales with recommendations

Personalized recommendations are a great way to increase sales, especially for products that are complementary to one another. Personalization software like Granify uses Machine Learning and big data to make recommendations based on what other shoppers have viewed and purchased. For example, if someone buys a camera lens from your store, you can recommend other frequently purchased products, such as an additional lens or an equipment case.

You can use lookalike audiences to find similar people who are likely to be interested in your products. Then, you can target these lookalike audiences with your cross-sell offers and increase conversions.

Remarket to abandoned carts and re-engage leads

Abandoned carts are a huge opportunity for e-commerce businesses. It means that your prospect is already interested in your product and ready to buy. But they may never do so if you don’t provide the right follow-up and prompt them to complete the purchase.

One way to boost conversions is by remarketing to those who have abandoned their carts and re-engaging them with personalized content (like discounts, free shipping offers, etc.).


These six strategies may seem obvious—at least to experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs—but that doesn’t make them any less effective. Your customers respond to the kind of personalization they’ve come to expect from mainstream retailers, and now’s the time to integrate those practices into your e-commerce strategy. It won’t be easy, but it’s worth it.