5 Ways to Earn and Build Customer Loyalty in 2022
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5 Ways to Earn and Build Customer Loyalty in 2022

Interested in increasing the loyalty of your customers? Of course, you are. But, unfortunately, gaining a new customer is multiple times harder than keeping an old one and getting them to spend more. So, how do you improve customer loyalty?

1. Work On Your Customer Service

Quality customer service is vital for the success of every business. If a customer is treated well (or poorly), they are more likely to share the experience with their friends and family. This can either encourage or discourage them (the friends, family, acquaintances) from trying your services. Working on improving your customer service, and ensuring all clients are treated fairly and well, can thus help bring more business your way.

According to a survey done in 2021, more than 86% of customers would rather pay extra for great customer service than pay less for the same service but with poor customer service. That said, going the extra mile to keep your customers happy can help increase customer loyalty.

2. Identify And Use Right Communication Channel

Keeping in touch with your customers (and not only when you want them to buy something) helps build a relationship in the long run. You, however, need to find and identify the most appropriate communication method or platform to communicate with the clients. Some of the most preferred methods today include:

a. Email

Email is still one of the most common and preferred methods of communication by most brands and some customers. In addition, most clients that aren’t on social media will prefer to use email as a preferred method of communication.

b. Social Media

Although a newcomer, many businesses prefer social media to communicate with customers and clients. The beauty of social media is that you can use the wall to pass crucial messages about a product or event and still use direct messaging on the platform for personalized help and assistance to clients.

There are also plenty of features, such as the hashtag, that you can use to reach out to various customers and target audiences quickly and efficiently. Using social media to communicate with this group of customers makes their life easy and goes a long way in building lasting relationships.

c. Webchat

Webchat is a chatbot feature that enables customers to find answers to frequently asked questions, among other valuable resources, fast and efficiently. However, this feature/tool must be enabled on your business website for customers to use. This way, customers can find help even before reaching out to your customer support desk. Webchat saves both you and the customer time and ensures customer support only deals with pressing and in-depth questions.

d. Phone Calls

Do not let emails, chats, and social media make you forget the most important and efficient method of communication in the modern age, direct phone calls. When emails, chats, or DMs don’t seem to help/work, an immediate phone call almost always suffices. Have a dedicated phone line where customers can speak to support staff directly, particularly if they have pressing matters that require human intervention. While it might be tempting to invest in automated phone systems, most customers prefer talking to an actual human rather than automated prompts.

The satisfaction of talking to someone on the other end, and getting help quickly, creates a more profound sense of connection, cultivating loyalty. In addition, minimizing automated prompts and focusing on human customer care can help improve your customer/clients’ experience, which again increases the chances of referring a friend to you.

Whatever communication method you settle with, make sure it is the appropriate channel for your customers. Set up several communication channels and platforms for improved customer support if possible.

3. Create a Reward Program

A loyalty platform provides a way for the business to give back or gift the most loyal customers. You don’t necessarily need something fancy to reward your customers with. It can be as simple as coupons, points programs, and VIP programs, to name but a few. Here is how different reward programs can help boost customer loyalty.

  • Point program:  This is one of the simplest and most straightforward methods of rewarding customers. Customers accumulate points over time, which can be redeemed later. The customer can redeem the accumulated points for a special offering or product.
  • Spend program: This is almost similar to a points program, only that customers accumulate points for each transaction they make with you. The points earned can be redeemed for prizes, coupons, or shopping vouchers. A spending program is one of the oldest and most effective methods of reducing churn rates and boosting customer loyalty.
  • Tiered program: This program provides different rewards levels and earnings based on your spending habits with the company/business. It gives customers a sense of belonging and inclusivity, considering they will get various rewards in the long run.
  • Exclusive VIP program: You can create a program whereby customers can join a VIP program by paying an annual or monthly fee to access special offers and discounts. Only those enrolled in the program enjoy the benefits of being a member.

Developing a reward program encourages customers to stick around and gives them an incentive to attain a certain status in the company. The exclusive VIP program is the perfect example of incentives that build long-lasting loyalty and trust.

4. Give Them A Head Start

Giving your customers a head start on the rewards program can work in your favor too. If in the food and drinks sector, you can offer to provide them with their first drinks free for as long as they join the program. You can also set a target, say a free drink for the first two the customer buys. This will attract more customers and make them want to stick around.

5. Request Customers To Leave A Feedback

In addition to offering perks and setting proper communication channels, making your customers feel valued can help promote loyalty. One way of doing this is by asking them to rate your service or provide feedback. Ask them to leave a comment on what they feel could be done to improve the service.

Make a point of monitoring and tracking all the ratings and feedback, and act on valid suggestions to improve your service delivery. Consider engaging with customers that leave negative responses to find out what went wrong and what could be done to compensate. You will be surprised how helpful even the most distressed customers can be, most of whom will turn to loyal customers.

5 Ways to Earn and Build Customer Loyalty in 2022

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