5 Ways a Mobile App Can Boost Your eCommerce Revenue

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E-commerce has been flourishing in the past several years, so it’s no wonder many business owners are switching to online sales or combining them with their brick-and-mortar operations. What’s more, the health crisis has pushed more people to buy online for the sake of safety and convenience. As a result, the multibillion-dollar pie of e-commerce has gained yet another playing field to operate: mobile apps. As a result, brands are now developing their dedicated mobile apps to represent their e-commerce stores and connect with customers more easily.

People are relying on their phones more than ever, so m-commerce is also growing at a rapid pace, making it an even more alluring sphere for e-commerce companies to tap into. However, some e-commerce brands are reluctant to get into the app game because it can be complex to create the right mobile medium to represent your brand. Here’s why the process is worth the resources and how your very own mobile app can skyrocket your e-commerce sales.

Immediate customer support

A mobile phone is practically a pocket-sized world of opportunities in the eyes of your customer. But, despite that, they will want to reduce their effort and inconvenience as much as humanly possible when they use their favorite smartphone to do anything – be it paying the bills or checking out your latest collection. 

With an app at the ready, you can provide immediate assistance for your customers. For example, an active chatbot can give them the info they need, links to help simplify the purchase process or access a direct phone line to a support agent. This level of support is often why people feel comfortable choosing your brand and your app, for that matter. 

Personalization through the roof

The most effective and perhaps profitable way to leverage your mobile app is through ongoing personalization towards individual users. Working with professional mobile app developers to create your e-commerce app, you can focus on innovative ways to provide personalized content to your users. For example, personalized product recommendations are the easiest way to increase revenue from a known customer when you access their shopping preferences from the app itself.

Developers can also help with ongoing maintenance to ensure your app incorporates all the essential features your customers need and want. Their feedback will help you design the most optimal app experience over time, and developers rely on that knowledge to increase the profitability of your app. 

Direct customer engagement 

An app is a direct line to your customer. That said, geotargeting helps you interact with your customer via the app when they’re near your physical store, thus creating a beautiful omnichannel experience. You can set up push notifications that alert your customer of the latest collection that might interest them, making them feel more special as they have early access to such news.

Your in-app content helps you promote your new products, on-sale products and showcase positive customer reviews that can entice existing customers to make another purchase. What’s more, you can ask them for their review in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. 

Boosting brand loyalty and retention

Customers might abandon their cart or decide not to go through with the purchase for several reasons, many of which revolve around user experience. However, if your web store is poorly optimized, you cannot expect your customers even to want to try downloading an app from your brand. So you will never be able to abandon your website optimization efforts once your customers switch to the app. 

The fact that a customer has downloaded the app means that you have a better chance at reaching them when it matters most, and it already shows their elevated interest in your brand. Over time, when you provide a truly wonderful experience via the app, you will be much more likely to inspire their loyalty and boost customer retention while reducing churn. 

Convenience and a speedy service

Numbers might vary from one industry to another, and you’ll notice oscillations in customer interest over time. Still, research has shown that more customers are turning to apps for their shopping decisions. For instance, 67% of consumers have downloaded at least one retailer app, which means that we can expect more people using these apps to browse, communicate with brands, and purchase. 

That means that developing an app for your e-commerce brand means responding to a clear customer preference. People enjoy using apps as they provide a seamless, quick, and personalized experience. With mobile payments only a few taps away, they can purchase without any hassle whatsoever, which bodes well for your business as they have less time to change their minds, too. Although your online store might be quick to lead and user-friendly too, nothing can beat the convenience of an app.

E-commerce brands have all the potential to be extremely profitable with the right strategies at hand. Mobile apps are an optional vessel to reach that level of profitability. Still, they will soon become a necessity for the sake of competitive advantage and elevated customer convenience at every turn. The key here is to strike that fine balance for your e-commerce business and make sure that you can attract buyers on all fronts, boosting retention and trust for long-term relationships. 

5 Ways a Mobile App Can Boost Your eCommerce Revenue

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