5 UX Tips To Make Your eCommerce Store More Successful
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5 UX Tips To Make Your eCommerce Store More Successful

When done right, the eCommerce business can be extremely lucrative. There is a wide range of areas and niches to consider when creating your eCommerce business and store. From deciding on your products to creating a website that will also have good SEO, advertising, content, and so many other elements that will make it successful. What’s more, user experience – UX – is probably the most important area of your eCommerce that will determine how successful you are. So, here are some tips on how you can improve UX and achieve success. 

Intuitive Navigation

When a shopper comes to your website, they have a mission. They are there to find the product and buy it. It is your job to make this whole process easy and straightforward. Your website should help users find anything they are looking for as quickly as possible. Otherwise, they will get frustrated and click away. 

That is why you should invest a lot of time and effort to make navigation as intuitive as possible. This means that you should have proper categories for your products and make sure it is clear what’s in those categories. Also, each page should have a clear visual hierarchy, and make sure to include links to your social media. What’s more, you can make contact and support easily visible in case shoppers encounter any issues. If you take a look at this Chakra Crystals store, you can notice that everything is neatly organized, the contact email is visible, social media links are there and products are nicely organized by categories. 

Call Out Specials

If you have noticed that your consumers are driven by value and prices, you should consider offering discounts. Promotions, sales, discounts, all these can drive conversions and really build loyalty with your customers. 

However, don’t bury those sales and discounts deep into the categories. They should be visible and prominent so that when a person comes to your site they can see that you have a sale! You can add a banner or an ad at the beginning of the site so it can easily grab the shoppers’ attention and make them click on it. Also, use large text and bright colors for these deals so you can call attention to them. 

Visual Appeal

Even though you want your website to look attractive, in eCommerce, the best practice is not to overdo it and overwhelm your audience with too many design elements. The attractiveness of the eCommerce site is in simplicity and minimalism. What’s more, many experts in the field say to follow the UX design principles, including:

  • Scale – the importance of size
  • Visual hierarchy – scale, color, and text should guide the eye to the order
  • Balance – element arrangement in a visually pleasing symmetry
  • Contrast – differences emphasize through visual disparity
  • Gestalt – contextually related elements should be closer together

These are just some of the rules you should follow when designing your eCommerce site in order to make it visually attractive and easy for the user to navigate. Also, don’t forget to invest in high-quality photos and product images so everything looks authentic and trustworthy. 

Optimize the CTAs

CTAs or calls to action are that small text on the page, but even though small it is most crucial. You certainly want to make sure that they are persuasive and compelling enough from a sales standpoint. As far as a customer experience standpoint is concerned, you want to make sure users know exactly what will happen if they click on the button. Those CTAs should be optimized so they inspire trust as well as action. 

So, make sure these are specific and that they have positive ratings or customer reviews next to them and they will help with conversions. 

Simple Checkout Process

Your customers love to shop, but the payment process is always the less favorite part. As soon as your customer adds items to the cart, the entire checkout process should be as simple as possible. A vast majority of users will give up and leave your site if they have to create an account in order to check out their items. So, make sure there is an option to checkout as a guest. 

Also, your customers may abandon the site and cart if they see any surprise fees or high shipping costs, and they will go away to look for better prices. That is why you have to be transparent about any prices upfront or make your discount code boxes less noticeable. 

Every eCommerce business would love to be successful, but without investing some effort into UX this is almost impossible. So, when creating your eCommerce store, follow these tips, and you will achieve success in no time. 

5 UX Tips To Make Your eCommerce Store More Successful

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