5 Types of On-Demand Delivery Apps & Their Role in Economy

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The on-demand economy is growing rapidly. The advancement in technology has provided great opportunities to businesses. Everything is on-demand- food, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, etc. Now we don’t have to wait for a particular day or time to watch our favorite tv series. Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. that allow us to watch what we want and whenever we want. Similarly, want to go from one place to another? Call an Uber. More than 22.4 million consumers use on-demand apps; the industry is expected to reach $335bn in 2025.

Let’s see why on-demand apps have become a favorite of everyone and their role in the economy:


Users love convenience. They prefer something that makes their lives easier.  Apps allow users to filter results, read reviews before ordering, and track their orders in real-time. Users have to take out their smartphone and use the respective app to access what he/she wants.

Bridge between service providers and end-users

On-demand apps are a bridge between service providers and users. Apps are practical; they provide solutions to the real-world problems of end-users; that’s why they have become an inevitable part of our lives.


Who doesn’t love a personalized service? Apps are a great way of knowing the likes and preferences of users. Based on user preferences, apps recommend user shows, food items, etc.

Generate More Revenue

The benefit of the on-demand delivery apps is that they help vendors/sellers connect with many users. More customers mean more revenue.

Below we will discuss the 5 types of on-demand apps that have become an integral part of people’s lives.

Food Delivery Apps

Food delivery apps are top-rated. People lead hectic life. Who wants to cook after a hectic day at the office or college? Food delivery apps are the saviors; they provide users with their favorite food from their favorite restaurants at their doorsteps. These apps are easy to use and have mouth-watering pictures of food, which attracts users to purchase. The “schedule delivery” feature of food delivery apps allows users to schedule the deliveries, which means a person sitting in the office can place the order and tell them when to deliver and where to deliver. This way people can have hot food when they reach home from the office.

Grocery Delivery Apps

During the pandemic, there has been a huge surge in the downloads of grocery delivery apps. To maintain social distancing and to keep themselves safe from coronavirus, people rely on grocery delivery apps. These apps allow users to select the items they want, pay with debit cards, credit cards, or other digital payment methods, and get groceries delivered at the doorsteps. This “no contact delivery” helps people to get groceries without stepping out of the house.

On-Demand Healthcare Apps

It is because of the healthcare apps that people get the services of doctors without going to hospitals. People who have conditions that need regular check-ups had to suffer in the pandemic. Doctors are overworked in the pandemic, and their main concern is tackling the coronavirus pandemic, which meant that other patients had to wait to see the concerned doctors. Healthcare apps have come to the rescue of people; these apps allow patients to touch doctors remotely. They can get expert opinions from the comfort of their homes and stay safe.

On-Demand Entertainment Apps

On-demand entertainment apps have become an indispensable part of the lives of people. We all have or know someone who has Netflix accounts. On-demand entertainment apps have introduced us to a whole new world of entertainment that we never knew existed. The great thing about on-demand entertainment apps is that we don’t have to wait for the next episode. On-demand entertainment apps use data science to know about user preferences.

On-Demand Home Services Apps

Customers faced many problems while accessing home services; buying products was easy, but availing services was difficult. On-demand home services apps bridge this gap. These apps are a great way to call plumber, electrician, etc. to home whenever customers want. Users can book the services by going on the app and choosing the services they want.

Final Words

The on-demand economy is thriving. With so many on-demand apps available, users are spoiled with choices. In the coming years, more and more users will connect with the on-demand apps. These apps are a great way for businesses to get connected with more users and generate revenue.

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5 Types of On-Demand Delivery Apps & Their Role in Economy

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