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 5 Tips To Write Amazing Content For Search & Subscribers

There is an astonishing amount of content in the world today, and if you want to get found and engage your customers then you need to make amazing content. While not all content can be amazing, your number one priority for Content Marketing is to produce and distribute great content that keeps your audience interested from the moment they start to read your blog or website content.

Amazing content is created for people, not for search engines. However, in this day and age, it is imperative for any type of content to be optimized for the search engines if you want your content to get found!

When creating content you can utilize clever optimization strategies make search engines prioritize and subsequently popularize the piece so more people actually get to know about it and come to interact with your content. Here are five tips to write amazing content for search engines and people.

1. Choose a Topic That Matters

Your target audience is asking a question each time they go to Google or another search engine. The only way that you can get found in search engines and drive more traffic to your site is by providing information that is more valuable than any content that exists on the same topic.

This makes sense on its face because your audience does now want to get content and not check out what is already available online? Search engines recognize the importance of providing the most relevant content for their own business goals, and as a result search engines will promote the most comprehensive and useful content.

Search engines will not tell you what people want, but you can follow some basic SEO marketing strategies to promote your content to the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). They will simply reflect what people are doing, how they are searching and what is already available.

2. Optimize the Topic with Relevant Keywords

Over the years, many SEOs and online marketers have fallen prey to the simple belief that targeting relevant keywords will get their pieces ranked appropriately for optimum exposure. While this approach to SEO is correct, many “experts” fail to understand the nuances of how search engines interpret the needs of online searchers.

Keywords do matter but it is no longer effective to create content simply to target keywords themselves. Most online content writers are compelled to create topics and pen down pieces involving a given set of keywords.

If you want to develop great content to get found by your audience then you need to choose a topic people to care about and want to explore. Choose the most relevant keywords in the context of the topic and then optimize the content.

The best part about this type of strategy is that your content will need to target the crawlers or spiders of search engines to rank your content high enough for a place on the first page of results. There will be instances when you have to create contents to target certain keywords but this cannot be the perennial practice.

You have to bring in substantially diversity in the types of content you publish. In the end, the content has to satiate the target audience and only then it can be deemed to be amazing.

3. Choose the Right Word Count

Since you want to write content for your customers then you should think about how your audience consumes content. While some websites advocate long-form content, the truth is that you should modify your content around how your audience consumes content.

  • There are people who like to read essays.
  • There are people who are content with memes and gifs.
  • You cannot target different reading sensibilities with the same content. Some pieces can be sufficient at five hundred words. Some pieces demand two thousand words.

You should choose the length of your content based on the industry, competition, type of message, and the needs of your customers. Dogsupplies4me uses long-form content for their guides, reviews, and comparisons.

Each page is about 2,500 words, and this is likely because their customers are looking for lots of information about dog supplies before they purchase. You can make a decision about the length of your content based on those variables!

4. Proofread, Edit and Update your Content

The quality of writing has been waning for many years now. It is not just the amateur bloggers and unprofessionally operated websites that host poor quality pieces, replete with spelling errors, bad grammar, and factually inaccurate information.

Some of the more credible platforms, including websites of some major newspapers and media organizations, are also publishing poorly written articles. One can blame the compulsion to keep uploading new content based on the needs of your customers and business goals.

People have become more considerate now. Many do not really care about spelling mistakes and dismiss them as typos. Many readers are not too conscious of grammatical correctness. This is a post-truth world and an era of fake news so factually inaccurate information often gets passed on without many people flagging it.

If you want to write amazing content, you must pay heed to proofread, have a proper editorial practice and you should update your content if the need arises. Many pieces can be updated with new information as it becomes available.

5. Master a Distinct Style of Writing

People love a unique voice or style. There is a reason why some artists are more popular than others. People connect with a distinct attribute of a singer, songwriter, musician, painter, actor, director, cinematographer, designer, and even sportspersons.

Any writer who pens down pieces in the same way thousands of others are doing will not find a distinct place. Besides, every target audience has a certain preference. The readers are drawn more towards a certain style of writing that helps them connect easily and they can relate to the content.

There is no easy way to find or identify this distinct style of writing. It also takes a while to master a style, unless there is a natural flair of a writer.

Online content is purposed to reach as many people as possible. Hence, it is going to target people of different ages, genders and socioeconomic backgrounds across cities, counties, and states, possibly countries.

Online content is supposed to be liked, shared and commented upon. Any content that reads like just another piece that people have already checked out is not going to influence readers to like or share or comment.

Amazing content makes an impact and not just in regards to how a reader feels but in measurable ways, such as shares, likes, comments and most essentially the traction it generates. It is only the bland and inconsequential contents that keep crying for attention and even then readers are uninterested.

Author Bio: Chris is a Digital Media Strategy Consultant with 13 years of experience helping small business owners make more money. He focuses on client needs to be balanced using SEO marketing, freelance copywriting, PPC management services.

 5 Tips To Write Amazing Content For Search & Subscribers

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