5 Tips To Ramp Up Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

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5 Tips To Ramp Up Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

5 Tips To Ramp Up Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Who likes their mailbox stuffed with random flyers? Probably none! But those flimsy pieces of paper hold much value for small and growing businesses.

A winning direct mail marketing strategy is hard to figure out but has profound benefits for businesses of every size. Getting a positive response against direct mail offers still holds the card for small and house-based companies.

Many companies have shunned the idea of sending direct mail. But figures speak a different story altogether. Per the ANA/DMA Response Rate Report 2018, the direct mail response rate for house lists was an incredible 9% – registering a decent spike from the previous year.

Median Direct Mail Response Rates
Median Direct Mail Response Rates

When done right, expect your business to receive direct inquiries and generate more business for your company. Herein, we are listing five tips that help in optimizing your direct mail campaigns: 

Mail that Matters

Who has the time to sort the stack of tens and often hundreds of letters? Most of them end up in the trash can only. With the average human attention span lasting eight seconds, you must avoid the standard and often mundane form of direct mail marketing.

Millennial Perspective
Millennial Perspective

A touch of personalization makes a notable difference and improves the opening rate of your mail. You can add personalization by adding:

  • Recipient’s name/company name
  • Personalize mail content based on recent purchase history
  • Special offers ( sale/discount/coupons)

As per  ANA | DMA Response Rate Report, 2018, nearly 80% of consumers put their trust in companies that offer personalized experiences. Making smart tweaks in the mail letters builds a personal connection with the readers, and they feel more valued and cared for

Content that Never Fails

A crisp, concise message written in simple language instantly connects with the recipients. Use a convincing tone to send the message across. Convey the potent benefits of products and services that solve the problems of the end customers.

Remember, do not oversell or go into self-bragging. Get to the point with:

  • Engaging and enticing headline
  • To the point – no vague titles
  • A strong/compelling tone
  • Jargon-free
  • Provides solution
  • Use legible font sizes, bold and underlined text

Ensure your mail copy is scannable; use short paragraphs, bullet points, and relevant images to grab instant attention.

Direct Readers – Add Convincing CTA

Having a well-crafted CTA at the right place in your direct mail drives your readers to do the needful – convert for your business.

Ponder over the easiest yet effective call to action that compels readers to find more information about offered products or services. The resultant action includes

  • Make a call for quotes/hire/placing order
  • Book a consultation
  • Shop for products/services
  • Subscribe to newsletters
  • Download ebook

Remember, the CTA copy must be attractive enough – color, shape, and placement. Every detail matters when sending mailers regardless of the format – postcard, letter, flyer, etc.

Choose Your Audience

You can’t be selling fish to a vegetarian. Right? If you’re doling out dollars into strategizing direct mail marketing for your startup or boosting your business, never fall short of zeroing on to the audience.

As per MarketingSherpa, 9. 76% of recipients consider direct mail if they are to shop in the local market. Despite the digital marketing buzz, the trust of most consumers still lies in traditional marketing only.

digital marketing survey
digital marketing survey

Conduct thorough market research to target the right audience and draw out further customer segmentation to tailor your direct mail. Segmentation can be done based on

  • Geographic
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Sales funnel stage

Strategically segmenting your market audience into small pockets of groups based on their compelling needs and preferences helps to optimize your crucial resources and drive ROI for your direct marketing campaign.

Preferably, create a targeted mailing list to target only the high-quality mailing list that can potentially create purchases and improve the conversion rate for your business.

Technology Aids Direct Mail Campaigns

While no one denies the role of website designers and developers for a striking online presence, integrating your efforts with the latest programmatic direct mail employs advanced targeting, algorithmic optimization, attribution, and quantitative analysis to convert shoppers into customers effectively.

Such tools deeply analyze the behavior of the users on your website to determine the intent and draft direct emails that enhance the effective response of the recipients.

Unlike your annoying popups and display ads, tangible emails do not disrupt the user experience and instead trigger an emotional reaction.

The Bottom Line

In the fiscal year of 2018, the United States Postal Service delivered 146.4 billion pieces of mail, indicating stiff market competition for local companies.

Clear the clutter and enable people to read highly informative, engaging, and beneficial mail letters, which hold value for them and bring more business to your company via razor-sharp direct mail campaigns.

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