5 Tips to Make Your Website More User-Friendly

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5 Tips to Make Your Website More User-Friendly

A website is not just a stream of information you think is important to users. It is, above all, a pleasant visual appearance. This is especially necessary for creative websites, where the main focus is on design. Therefore, it would be best if you thought about the platform’s user-friendliness. Strictly speaking, it is a set of factors that affect the perception of the platform by the visitor or simply — the naturality and comprehensibility of the website.

Probably every more or less active user at least once got into sites that are impossible to navigate in, as well as easily receive the required information. There is an overpowering desire to leave after a few minutes and even seconds of presence on such resources. Unfortunately, designers often forget about the users, those for whom the sites are made, pursuing creativity.

Remember, the more online platforms appear, the more spoiled users become. Now, only a good-looking picture and useful content is not enough. Visitors expect something unusual, bright, and exciting. MasterBundles has prepared for you the top 5 most working strategies to make your online platform user-friendly. You only need to read the tips, analyze your work and boldly take action.

1. Listen to Your Users Advice

The main point you need to understand is that the key to your success is to be attentive to the audience. So keep it simple and just ask them what they want to see on your online platform. Or you can add comment forms where active users can give you advice. And believe us, there are many such people. Among them, of course, maybe detractors, but they can get useful insights. 

The target audience comes to your site mostly with a specific purpose, and if they do not find it there, they can offer to add something or change it. It may concern different aspects, from content to design

Your task is to perceive the advice and apply it to your work correctly. Moreover, users will be pleased to understand that you care about their comfort and take them as the center of your website universe.

2. Only Intuitive Navigation

Only Intuitive Navigation

So, we have already found out that going to the site, users first pay attention to the design and notice certain pros and cons of the resource. If they stay focused on the resource, they start looking for a navigation tab to find the information they need quickly. This is where you have to take care of creating a structured menu. If your platform covers different topics, it is worth dividing them into categories. It will also be appropriate to make separate blocks and divide the pages by themes. 

It will also be great if you add clarifying aspects of search. It will make it even easier for the users to interact with the online platform. 

3. Detailed Information, Smooth Images, and Bright Colors

The next issue will be content because it takes the leading position in customer interaction. So, let’s go through the key points. First, it is high-quality information. It should be not only detailed, but also not contain water. Try to be clear, interesting to tell, and fully explain the topic. Add a description of the goods, talk about your work and company. Also, users love it when you talk about yourself. This draws them into your project and encourages them to stay with the platform longer. 

The second point is clean images. The pictures should be high quality, bright and juicy. It is also essential that they match the topic of your posts. Another important decision would be to create images that make the resource more unique.

The last point you should pay attention to is the choice of colors. First of all, you need to think about what site style you are aiming for. If it is minimalism — choose pastel or contrasting colors. If it is retro style — focus on different textures, scuffs, gray and brown tones. If you are going for your creativity, do not forget that all colors should be harmonious. 

4. Work at Speeding Up the Website’s Work.

Work at Speeding Up the Website's Work

All content on your online platform must load wholly and correctly. Users always expect all components to be loaded immediately when they come to the website. The longer it takes to load, the less chance you will attract more users. You can use Google’s Page Speed Insights to analyze page speed. There you may also find working tips to speed uploading. Also, be sure to optimize all the components of the site. This will increase the loading speed

5. Easy Call to Actions

How do users find your platform? Through social media? Ads? Intriguing emails? They come to you with a particular purpose. So, your site should have a clear call to action. It should be an eye-catching button, a bright element against the background, and a very prominent place. That way, you can attract the audience to the project, product, service, etc., even faster.


Let’s summarize. Your website is the face of your project, business, company. It should be clear, bright, and attractive. Your platform should contain readable and interesting text. You have to fully explain your thoughts and offer the users interesting ideas to implement. To make your site user-friendly, be sure to follow the above tips. Together with them, you will get better results. Remember that the key to success is already in your hands.

5 Tips to Make Your Website More User-Friendly