5 Tips To Keep In Mind To Create Landing Page That Converts

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A landing page is the first confrontation you have with your visitor as a brand or company. This is where the visitor decides to decide with your offering or want to abandon you.

Creating a landing page is not rocket science, although it requires some extra work to make it highly converting along with exceptional work of SEO services. But, first, you need to provide the customers with the product or answer what they came looking for on your website.

A study by HubSpot states that with the increase in the number of landing pages from 10 to 15, a major 55 % enhancement was seen in leads.

There are innumerable other statistics that reflect the need to make an exceptional landing page with which you can expect high conversions.

Before we talk about it further, let us clarify what a landing page is before moving to create an ideal one?

The objective of an extraordinary landing page is to expand conversion rates from the visitors arriving at your eCommerce store. A landing page can be your homepage page or another page inside your page categories, or it tends to be an independent page made for a particular product, campaign, or sale. Improving Landing Page’s conversion is the utmost priority for any business website.

Now, we have listed down all the secret tips for you with which you don’t have to hustle anywhere else to create an excellent landing page for your eCommerce store in the minimal time possible.

Attention Seeking Headline 

A headline is a place where everything starts — interest, consideration, and comprehension.

It’s what propels a visitor to stay and study what you’re offering.

This is what it needs to achieve:

  • First, the headline should catch the visitor’s eye.
  • The headline should advise the visitor about the item or administration.
  • The headline ought to be short. Never make it above 20 words, and ideally restrict it to 10.

It’s additionally important that assuming your headline supplements a picture that clarifies the item or administration, you don’t have to go into very as much detail in duplicate. Let your Digital Marketing services provider know about it clearly if you have hired the same.

Interesting and self-explaining images 

Image content is a fundamental part of highly converting landing pages that work.

Indeed, our mind measures pictures multiple times quicker than text. This implies that guests will be influenced by the pictures on the point of arrival right away.

So as you select and place your pictures, recall that

  • The photos ought to be enormous.
  • The photos ought to be pertinent to your item or administration. On the off chance that you are selling an actual item, it is fundamental that your point of arrival contains a picture of the item.
  • If you are selling assistance/service, the main role of the picture ought to be to command notice and exhibit pertinence to the guest.
  • The photos should be of top-notch quality.

Also, as you figure out what to incorporate, ask your digital marketing agency to maintain the emphasis on top-notch, important images. This isn’t the spot to highlight stock photos or minute-ago-made Photoshop images.

All things considered, if your pictures are the primary thing a guest measures, they can shape that guest’s impression of your image before they even read your duplicate — and you need that impression to be a decent one.

Explain your offering on the landing page 

The objective of your landing page must be obvious. The visitor must not hustle to understand what you are offering to them.

If you fail to explain it to them, you can instantly lose a potential customer. The below-given post explains in detail about their work, which further informs the users precisely about the brand. You may consider hiring the best developers to create the landing page.

To write a top-notch explanation, understand that it should either be integrated with the headline or should be completely different.

It should point out all the benefits that the customer can enjoy from it. The functionality of your offering should stand in favor of the user. This will persuade them to buy your offering.

Many web development agencies provide multi-stack development services based on various platforms, including Drupal, WordPress, Magento, PHP-based frameworks such as CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel web development, and more.

Point-out User’s Pain 

It is a psychological fact that humans avoid discomfort in life. Therefore, if you can make your potential customer think about the pain, they will seek a way to avoid it and are more likely to convert.

It would be best to mention what the customer will lose or gain by indulging or not into the buying cycle at your platform.

Look at the post given below!

A brand eases out the pain for recruiters to hire the right employees in the minimum time possible.

Do not present the problem that the customer is facing without giving a solution to it.

This will help you make a subconscious impact on the mind of your customers.

Easy-to-locate CTA 

A well-placed CTA not only helps the user to contact your organization directly for making a purchase.

A persuasive landing page that you avail from an SEO agency includes multiple contact methods, including a phone number, and email address, a physical address, and a contact form. The below given an example will clear you more on this part.

Some companies working on search engine optimization with customer focus also install pop-ups on their landing pages that ask the visitor if they need any help.

A live chat option is also a good option to include in your landing page to keep the visitor assured that you have assistance for them round the clock.

Get started!

These are some very effective and widely used tips for highly converting landing pages even by renowned organizations. With these tips, your landing page will be all ready to bear fruits. Either start with your in-house digital marketing experts or let the professionals of a trusted digital marketing agency do it for you.

Rajesh Bhimani is the Founder of Skynet Technologies, a Website Design, and Development Agency. He has 20 years of experience in the Technology and Marketing industry. When he isn’t working, you can find him cooking for his family or reading some fiction.

5 Tips To Keep In Mind To Create Landing Page That Converts

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