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5 Tips To Get Your eCommerce Store Started Today

The world of online has changed the way we do business forever. The digital revolution has swept across the world and made it so much easier for people to conduct business on a day to day basis. Entrepreneurs can start their dream businesses without needing to open a brick and mortar store, but by simply kicking it off online.

This not only takes many of the logistical struggles out of starting a business but can reduce the cost and open the businesses up to huge markets that could never have been opened before. The online retail space has grown exponentially over the last decade. Research has shown that almost 25% of the entire global population will be shopping online by the end of 2019. That is 1.92 billion people making online purchases worldwide. eCommerce will, by the end of this year, make up for 13.7% of total retail sales worldwide!

But the growth continues to be exponential. It is estimated that by 2040, over 90% of people will be shopping online and all companies, no matter how big or small will be conducting some kind of business online. So how do you make sure that you get onto this gravy train? We unpacked a few ways to get your online success kick started today.

It’s All In The Name

The first thing that you need to look at is the actual website itself. You need to understand that everything about the website represents your brand and your identity. This includes the name, the colors you choose and even the website mapping itself. How simple is your website, and how does the messaging come across.

Your name is key. You need to make sure that you choose a name that is memorable to your customers, easily searchable and that relates to your product. One of the best ways to make sure that you come up with a good name is by using name generation software to assist you in making sure you pick that perfect name.

5 Tips To Get Your eCommerce Store Started Today

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Content is King

Everyone has heard this over and over again, but we can’t put enough stress on how important content is for your site. Not only does quality content ensure that your SEO rankings are vastly improved, but content also drives traffic to your site.

Your blog can be one of the highest drivers of traffic to your site if you make sure that you are posting educational and relevant content! The trick is to start out with at least 20 posts and add to it every day. Send the blog posts out in mailers and share them on social media to increase visibility. Then, monitor the traffic to the blog via Google Analytics. By knowing how many hits each post got, you can start seeing what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that sometimes topics are seasonal, so just keep testing!

Weekly Newsletters Are Vital

It is so important to keep in mind the value of great, loyal customers. Yes, driving traffic to your site needs to always be a top priority, but a loyal customer is worth their weight in gold. Statistics show that it is cheaper to retain customers than to market to new ones and your existing clients are worth 80% more than new customers.

One easy way of retaining customers is to keep them constantly engaged. Keep up regular communication with them to keep them up to date with sales and specials, as well as educational content that they will absolutely benefit from. Weekly or even bi-weekly newsletters are imperative in keeping your customer up to date and informed, but also keeping them engaged and surprised and delighted at all times. Again, here, you need to keep an eye on your newsletter open rate to see what works.

Experiment and test the vital parts of the mailers and make a note of what works and what doesn’t:

  • Subject Lines;
  • Images;
  • Number of Blog Posts;
  • CTA’s;
  • Special and Sale Banners.

CTA’s and Banners Have A Place On Your Site

Calls to Actions (CTA’s) and banners are an integral part of your site and need to be placed very strategically. There are so many mistakes that you can make with these and they can have the opposite effect of what they were meant to do. A banner can be too big and too obtrusive for the visitor and put them off rather than convert them. A CTA can be placed in the wrong place and not encourage the visitor to go through to the product or even check-out page.

Once again, it all comes down to AB Testing and research. Find out what other people are doing on their sites with CTA’s and try it on yours. CTA’s can be played around with until you start noticing that they generate more clicks and more traffic and that the bounce rate is reduced.

What colors are the CTA’s? They need to match your site but be different enough to stand out. What is the content inside the CTA? Does it match the content that is around where the CTA is placed? How big is it and does it impact the loading of the page. All of the same questions need to be asked about banners. Banners can be a great addition to your site, to either get your customer to sign up for newsletters or to click through to a new product. But, if they are too big or intrusive, they can put the visitor off!

Wrapping Up

The last tip is actually as part of the wrap-up, as it encompasses everything written in the article itself. Spend time on your customer journey. Your customer journey is the key to your website’s success. Enter your website like a customer and go through all of the motions like a customer would. Sign up for the mailers and look at them like you would as a paying customer. Buy an item off your site and be very critical of the whole process. Take note of every stage of the process and all of the engagements that you come across. It is only then when you will start seeing where and what you need to improve upon and what needs to be enhanced to reach and engage every customer.

Author’s bio:

Igor is a content marketing expert with a proven track record of helping businesses by adding value to their brands, developing content marketing strategies, as well as educating and connecting with their audiences on a personal level.

In his spare time, he plays guitar, produces electronic music, does yoga, learns how to ski, and (with more or less success) tries to get in touch with his inner child.

5 Tips To Get Your eCommerce Store Started Today

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