5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

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Nowadays, Online Shopping has become convenient, cost-effective & safe, secure—supplied .you’re taking certain precautions earlier than making your purchase. But It is necessary to Keep in mind these five easy tips for secure online buying in thoughts earlier than sharing your credit score card data with an e-commerce site.

1. Always protect your data

It’s normal for online retailers to request additional details and preferences to make your online shopping experience more personalized. However, if they invite an excessive amount of information-like your welfare number, for instance, that’s a specific red flag; if they are asking for anything inappropriate, then it’s better to avoid these sites.

2. The site should have customer service

Safe online shopping sites provide friendly customer services like calls, email, Whats-app for customers to inquire. One of the most recommended tips to look for Privacy/Return & Exchange Policy over the site; if they have defined these policies, It’s a good sign.

3. Use different passwords for each website

Don’t use the same password for every online shopping site you frequent. “That way, if your login information gets stolen on one website, your other accounts likely won’t get affected,”

4. Always look for a secure connection

Whenever you input personal or credit card information into a website, ensure the site connection is secured. Also, checks the SSL certificate. The quickest way to check for this is in the URL. “The website URL should start with HTTPS:// (rather than HTTP://). Check the URL Here

5. Never click on untrusted pop-up ads

Phishing is one of the most popular ways to get someone’s credentials & personal information, Which can be done using fake pop-up ads over the website. To avoid this, Make sure to have Ad-Blocker installed on your browser while visiting unfamiliar sites.

5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

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