5 Steps to a Winning Mobile Digital Marketing Campaign

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5 Steps to a Winning Mobile Digital Marketing Campaign

Mobiles are currently one of the most useful and “in” ways to market something.

Almost everyone carries a mobile device these days. With new and improved smartphone technologies being developed and accessible to the general public, it has made it even simpler to interact with your audience, be creative with your designs, and integrate extra marketing channels like email and social media. As a result, many eCommerce app development companies are now adopting this approach and encouraging others to shift from conventional marketing to digital marketing.

Benefits of Creating A Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile marketing can be as simple as a promotional text message to a complex mobile game, both of which encourage engagement from your audience. Regardless of which strategy you choose, the most important advantage of mobile marketing campaigns is that people generally have their mobile phones on them most of the time. A few benefits that make mobile marketing the go-to strategy for brands are:

  • You can directly engage your audience through promotional text messages. 
  • They help foster two-way communications with your desired audience, helping nurture a strong relationship.
  • You can track and monitor the response of your users to forecast outcomes more accurately.
  • If humorous, your campaign can be shared instantly, further enhancing and maximizing your reach.
  • Mobile digital marketing allows for superior customer service because of its rapidness.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Winning Mobile Digital Marketing Campaign

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a Winning Mobile Digital Marketing Campaign
Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Winning Mobile Digital Marketing Campaign

Know your audience & what they want. 

Before you start developing a marketing strategy, research, research, and do more research! If you don’t understand who your audience is and what they want, you’ll never be able to cater to their needs and effectively target their pain points. One important thing to highlight is that researching doesn’t mean studying your target audience; you also need to analyze your competitors’ strategies. 

Define your business model

There are a variety of different models businesses use to monetize their apps. The one you choose is completely dependent on your needs and specifications. Nonetheless, we’ve gone ahead and listed for you some of the most commonly used business models for apps;

Freemium Model:

This approach is to provide a free but restricted version of the app to encourage as many downloads as possible and to familiarize users with its features. Once it reaches the desired number of active users and downloads, users can access the premium features with a one-time payment or subscription package. A prime example of a business employing a freemium model for their app is Spotify.

Payment model content: 

Although similar to a freemium model. This idea of the Payment Model is based on an application having certain restrictions (such as content restrictions) to limit user interactions, which can be bypassed by purchasing and downloading add-ins directly from the app rather than via the marketplace.

Subscription Model: 

This model is based on customer retention rather than customer acquisition. It encourages users to utilize the business’s products and services or even certain features of the app, for which they pay with a monthly or annual subscription.

Sale of product: 

This business model for an app is widely used in the eCommerce development industry. The app acts as a platform for users where they are encouraged and enticed into making purchases of a product or service from within the application. The app may be free, but they pay independently for the product or service.

Make ASO

App Store Optimization, aka. ASO is simply the strategy you employ to optimize your app’s visibility and reach in the app store organically. Think of it like an SEO for apps. But why is it important? Well, increased visibility means increased conversions and, in turn, more revenue generation for your business. 

Invest in CPC campaigns

Regarding investments in Google Display Network (GDN), you have a variety of solutions at your disposal, such as CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per lead), CPI (cost per install), etc. 

Initially, set a minimum budget and A/B test it. Then, look at your competitors simultaneously and juxtapose your results to see and determine whether you need to increase or lower your bidding and budget to get the desired outcomes you want.

Old is Gold

Recent technological and digital marketing developments certainly don’t mean conventional marketing tactics are obsolete or any less effective. So why not use the best of both worlds? Design a strategy that combines aspects of both online and offline marketing to help you achieve even greater efficacy.

IKEA Place App, An Example of a Winning Mobile Digital Marketing Campaign

A prime example of a successful mobile marketing campaign is IKEA Place. It allowed its users to browse through their product catalog from the comfort of their phones. The icing was the Augmented Reality (AR) feature they integrated into the app. Users could now simulate a 3D model of whichever furniture they were interested in buying in real time! 


Living in the digital age, it is incumbent on us to use our environment to our benefit. You have also learned the secret art of creating a winning mobile digital marketing campaign. Although we’ve only covered the basics, there’s still a lot more that goes into them. Get in touch with a custom mobile app development company, like Trango Tech, to help you soar to new heights and establish your app’s digital presence.

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