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5 Reasons Your Competitors are Beating You with Better Customer Service

In this modern digital era, better and ever-growing customer service and tough competition, quality customer service is a key to achieving high market share and profit maximization. Businesses often fail to keep pace because of not adopting and implementing quality customer service measures. With better reach to internet and e-commerce being at everyone’s service 24/7, two-way communication between the consumer and the seller has become easier than ever, while better customer service proves to be a unique selling point for some businesses.

If your business is lacking behind while your competitors keep marching ahead of you, there could be a high chance it is because your competitors are providing better customer services.


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The customer often is willing to pay more the price for their trusted products and services. A satisfied consumer will continue to put in a good word of mouth for the products, which builds brand awareness. The more people know about your brand, the more market share. Customer service is one of the make or breaks attribute for a business which plays a defining role in your business’s future success and goal achieving. These days customers need to be felt taken care of and quality customer service is one way to do it.

Here are 5 reasons how:

Provide 24/7 Customer Support:

A customer is the base of any business’ success. Quality customer services ensure customer satisfaction. Providing 24/7 support to your customers whether, through digital media or call services, better 2-way communication can be ensured. Your competitors may be, by being available 24/7 are establishing a key differentiator for their business which you’re not.


Social presence:

This being the time of quicker and easier reach to digital media, customers most of the times turn to social media for feedback, reviews, complaints or any kind of queries. 67% of consumers have used a company’s social media site for servicing, compared with 33% for social marketing (J.D POWER https://bit.ly/2sTBx4c). Responding to social media is comparatively a faster medium of communication compared to others. Customers that engage with companies over social media spend 20% to 40% more money than customers who don’t (Bain and company (https://bit.ly/2Rp70Fn).

If you’re not doing it, there’s a high chance your competitors surely are

Offer support via live chat:

The better option is to answer queries through a live chat – particularly on your internet site traffic. The customer gets immediate attention and spends less time solving their problems which makes it simple for them. The customer support team gets an easier option to control multiple queries immediately, which results in greater efficiency. The customer will keep coming back to a site that gives him or her the best buying experience. Communicating with current clients is critical, however, it is also critical to have interaction with potential clients and people who come along with your competition. Client interaction depends upon the means of communication, getting to know them as much as you can and telling them all about you. Bringing new ideas towards customer relationship management, paying attention to their feedback and being open to complaints makes you above the rest. This is one of the strategies companies are applying to overcome competition by filling the loopholes.

Special services / VIP:

Your competitors could be providing special services to their customers which you’re not. VIP services/discounts will make the customers feel special and well-taken care of, develop customer loyalty and people might be willing to pay more for it too. There are so many “bait and switch” offers and promotions “for new customers only”– reward the customers that have been with you the longest (Forbes https://bit.ly/2Ba01Lj).


Effective communication:

Amidst rising competition every day, the buyer has a vast variety of businesses they can trust. They will find businesses that never fail to meet their expectations. To catch up with the customer’s demands, businesses need to build customer trust. Quality customer services ensure customer trust in the brand and the organization. Even if the business targets a niche market and has higher prices than others, customer satisfaction ensures a loyal customer who will trust the business and come back to it later on. Be attentive. Your competitors could be listening attentively to their customers while you’re not, which is why you’re lacking behind. By listening attentively, it means to ask for more feedback, listen to the customers, listen to their queries and understand their concerns. Understanding the customer’s needs and demands bring the seller and the buyer closer in terms of providing better products and services. Only listening to customers doesn’t help, listen and change the ways of your business which are causing inconvenience for your customers.

‘Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’

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Faiza Farooqi is an eCommerce Manager at Codup who accepts challenging strategies and puts amazing ideas on the table! She is an active community manager and also blogs at Codup Readers.

5 Reasons Your Competitors are Beating You with Better Customer Service


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