5 Outstanding Ways To Use Salesforce For Business

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Entrepreneurs, marketing heads, and sales managers need accurate answers for declining revenue or increased traction. With Salesforce, one could track the flow of events right from product launch to after-sales service and pinpoint the problem-causing areas. Often, miscommunications between the teams might be the reason for losing a customer. At times, the service center executives may not answer the customer service due to a lack of up to date info or subject expertise. 

In today’s competitive world, slow response, incorrect pricing, and wrong targeting could become the bottleneck for your business’s growth. But Salesforce could be the one-stop solution for your marketing and sales woes. Below we explain how you could utilize Salesforce and grow your business successfully.

  • Integrate with Different Tools

In a successful company, various departments such as product development, marketing, sales, and business management have to sync well and ensure a high transparency level. The Salesforce software lets you achieve it effortlessly. You could bring data related to account planning, resource management, web/marketing content under one place. The best part is its ability to interface with commonly used applications like Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot Marketing, WordPress, Oracle/SAP Business suites, etc. You get the precise info about the client, the stage of customer acquisition, sales pipeline, workings of various accounts, and even the team members. There is a separate chat feature for employees and customer service. Nowadays, we have options for Salesforce consulting companies that provide customized and integrated solutions for your business needs.

  • Marketing Automation

 Digital advertisements prompting you to visit a site, join a course, or announcing a sale, are common in our inboxes, social media feeds, and the websites we check.  Almost all of us have experienced watching a youtube makeup tutorial. We have ads for cosmetics on the websites that we see or get them as recommendations on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. Marketing automation is the reason behind such correlations, and the Salesforce software has an essential role in it.

The software lets you quickly send promotion emails to a prospective list of customers. In a B2B environment, it has the role of creating product awareness. Salesforce makes it easier to analyze the customer data obtained from online resources and decide on lead targeting. It gives the staff the time to concentrate on the right customer and eliminates guesswork at the lead generation stage. It also facilitates the process of running marketing campaigns and analyzing ROI.

  • Customer Management

Salesforce software is synonymous with customer relationship management. First, it lets you gather data like demographics, behavior, and response of the leads. As you identify the best prospects, it is time to segment them based on their interests and age group and nurture a personalized relationship. With the Salesforce tool, you can organize customer profiles, know their stage in the sales funnel, start drip campaigns, and assign the sales reps tasks. As the entire process is digital, it is feasible to transfer and handle the team members’ customers. Thus you reduce dependency and enhance the efficiency of the sales team.

  • Advanced Analytics

One of the main parts of marketing is to gather customer data and draw conclusions. With Salesforce, these processes happen automatically. You get an accurate picture of customer behavior, response to campaigns, and their feedback. It comes with a host of reporting tools and helps in the visualization of data. Thus it makes the job more comfortable for the managers as they need not drill down the data to get customer insights. With a beautiful chart telling the right stories, you begin to understand the trends and the pulse of the consumers. 

Now, the company also offers Sales Cloud Einstein – an artificial intelligence platform that simplifies analytics and comes up with forecasts. It lets you automate data entry, lead suggestions, and comes with a prebuilt activity dashboard to remind your activities and deadlines. With this feature, you could simultaneously analyze multiple data points, study customer patterns, and carry out predictive analysis.

  • Smooth Operation

With Salesforce, the teams have all the information they require and plan well and effectively carry out their tasks. You have built-in calendar tools, scheduler, and chat facilities. Thus, there is no time lag, and a team does not need to wait to receive inputs from others. Moreover, both department-wise and customer-wise data are available. Thus, providing customized solutions and suggestions becomes the prime job, which implies selling more and growing your business. 

Also, easy accessibility on mobile makes it a use-anywhere application. Therefore, if you get notifications for a customer’s buying signal, you could immediately take them to the next sales funnel stage.


Salesforce software is the best way to make your business future-ready. The application is innovative and guides you to identify customers making a sale and build a healthy relationship. Its predictive feature takes into account factors like competition, market trends, demographics, etc. One does not need a coding expert to utilize the software. Easy accessibility, smooth interface, and reliable outcomes are some of the reasons behind choosing it. Moreover, it lets you customize and develop apps for internal purposes and also market them. Today, Salesforce is one of the essential software products for growing your business. 

5 Outstanding Ways To Use Salesforce For Business