5 of the Best SEO Reporting Tools

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Clients always wish to see the evidence of digital agencies’ progress on their behalf, hence the requirement of SEO Reporting Tools. It’s much easier to have software that builds a report for you rather than creating an account from scratch, including unnecessary assembling and manual cross-referencing.

There are plenty of reporting tools in the market that vary based on ease of use, price, and features.

So how do you choose an SEO Reporting Tool for your requirement?

Some of the things to look out for in an SEO reporting tool are data localized to the client’s region, an openness to integrate with third-party tools, and scalability. With these three essential factors in mind, look at 5 of the best reporting tools used for SEO purposes today.

SEO Reporting Tools #1: SEMrush

It may be expensive at $99 per month, but you will undoubtedly be getting your money’s worth. SEMrush offers a whole suite of tools that can be learned at the intermediate level, so minimal training is required. The chief aspect of SEMrush is its keyword research and position tracking tool. These have made it a noteworthy option for doing competitor analysis. SEMrush also easily integrates with the Google Search Console and allows you to disavow likes very quickly. Check out their 2021 Keyword Research Guide for SEO.

SEO Reporting Tools #2: MOZ

For starters, Moz is associated with 1 billion digital marketers around the globe. The company acts as a software-as-a-service platform that has got plenty to offer in terms of SEO reporting. It provides an SEO toolbox that allows users to have ample opportunity to do keyword research, get accurate search volume data, and find out the SEO competition. Many other tools enable users to check on-page metrics, understand content and link building, and compare campaigns.

SEO Reporting Tools #3: Ahrefs

Ahrefs is easily the most formidable SEO tool that you will come across. Apart from its massive indexing feature that is probably second only to Google, Ahrefs also has an excellent reporting tool feature. Most interestingly, it has an SEO site audit tool that is responsible for identifying those areas of a site where it requires fine-tuning to increase rankings. Ahrefs helps to do considerable competitor analysis as it looks at backlinks that your rivals have earned.

SEO Reporting Tools #4: Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a tool that can be used at the introductory level with minimum training. It is the most cost-effective tool for mid-size agencies and starts just at $49 per month. The best part about this reporting tool is that it has unlimited staff and client logins, so no worries for multiple people logging in. The software also comes with additional third-party add-ons. Also, there are tools to check the keywords, check email marketing, and many more.

SEO Reporting Tools #5: Google Data Studio

Completely free yet still running in the beta stage of operation, this is quite a robust offering from Google to monitor clients’ websites. It is pretty similar in feel and usage to Google Analytics, and employees should make an easy transition. GDS integrates well with Analytics, Search Console, Ads, and YouTube. You can easily integrate eCommerce data into reports with this tool. To make personalized reports, you can also create templates that better reflect the client’s needs. The software also comes with introductory videos to help you in the setup process. You can use any of these SEO reporting tools and measure your clients’ progress regarding leads, ranks, and other factors. However, to generate better ranks, you can always use SEO content writing services to create bespoke content.

5 of the Best SEO Reporting Tools

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