5 Interior Design Marketing Strategies For 2020
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5 Interior Design Marketing Strategies For 2020

If you are an interior designer or run an interior design firm, there are so many ways you can market your business. It takes good marketing to book clients and keeps a steady stream of revenue coming in. An interior designer should care about marketing if they want to see their business stay afloat. Marketing is not as challenging as one may think. Below we have a few top marketing strategies that will boost awareness and bring in more clients looking for your interior design services.

Going Live

The first of our five interior design marketing strategies of 2020. We are living in a time of social media. One of the essential strategies you can use on social media is by going live. Going live on platforms like Facebook and Instagram allows you to connect with followers who can be potential paying clients. Ask questions. Learn what your followers want to see from you. Provide them content that shows them what you can offer as an interior designer. Don’t forget to have a social media page where you post pictures of interior design projects you have completed for clients.

Blog Your Way To Success

Create detailed articles and publish a blog. In this blog, discuss what you offer, your prices, and examples of your past work. The more information you can provide, will allow clients to learn what sets your interior design business apart from the rest. You may need to outsource some help on getting views on your blog. But the best way to get more people to read your blog is by promoting the blog across all your social media channels and running paid ads.

Your Website Is Your Business’s Home

Many clients are going to search for interior design online. You will want your website to be one of the first sites that pop up. Your website will showcase everything about your business. Your site should have your office address, phone number, and email address. Your site should have an about page to let clients know more about what your business does. Mainly your site should show off all the work you have done. Your website will be one of your best marketing strategies. Put your website on business cards, on your social media profiles, and run ads to your site.

Partner With Other Professionals

Don’t overlook the power of working with others. The interior design field is closely connected with other areas. Real estate, for example, is combined with interior design as an interior designer partner with builders, developers, and realtors. Offer interior design services and staging services. You can market yourself to other professionals who will need interior design for both residential and commercial properties.

Host Events

Last but not least, do not forget about hosting events. Host an event where you market to homeowners and business owners. The event can be centered around your interior design services and how your services can transform their space. Either you can host your event or can attend another event. Setting up a booth at other events allows you to spread the word more about your services. You can offer pamphlets or brochures that will enable clients to learn more about what you do.

Holly is a freelance lifestyle writer. Her focus now is to help readers update their interior decor. Holly is currently writing for Land of Rugs.

5 Interior Design Marketing Strategies For 2020

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