5 Easy Ways to Attract Millennials In 2020
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5 Easy Ways to Attract Millennials In 2020

A new generation is currently driving the bottom line. It is good to attract millennials because they will be forming close to 50% of the workforce in 2020. These are people who were born from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.

As more baby boomers start to retire, these people are now dominating the workforce. The trend directly influences the recruiting activities of all companies. Therefore, you cannot stand out in the market unless you learn to attract millennials.

Not having the right strategies will have adverse effects on the quality of work. So many companies still struggle to attract millennials which leads to a shortage in the workforce.

Businesses that don’t focus on attracting millennials are at a competitive disadvantage. Therefore, you need to change the culture of your workplace to attract and retain millennial talent. This generation matters a lot if you want your organization to win.

It would be best if you understood how millennials operate before you attempt to engage them. Here are some of the characteristics of this young Generation;

  • Technology

The affinity that millennials have with technology sets them apart from the other generations. Baby boomers had no choice but to learn and adapt to modern communication technologies.

Millennials grow up using the internet, SMS, and mobile. Therefore, you cannot attract millennials unless you have the right technology in place.

  • Behavior

Having experienced the great recession of the late 2000s, millennials tend to put their personal needs before that of the organization. The harsh economic conditions forced millennials to compromise until the economy improved.  It forced millennials to start focusing more on their personal needs.

  • Work Preferences

Millennials are uncomfortable with communication barriers and company bureaucracy. The generation values encouragement from the top management, regular feedback, and open communication.

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You have to recognize them for their work and desire to move up the corporate data quickly. Millennials want a more flexible approach while on duty. The generation puts a lot of emphasis on the work-life balance over financial rewards.

  • Career Path

The baby boomers were fiercely loyal to their employers. The chances of millennials following a linear career growth path are minimal. These individuals keep on turning from one employer to another. They put more emphasis on personal relations and not work.

With these characteristics in mind, we can now look at the various ways to attract millennials. The reason is that you cannot target a group of people unless you understand their characteristics.

  1. Get Social

You need to embrace social media if you want to attract millennials. These people spend most of their time online and consume vast amounts of information. Social media dominates the online experience of millennials.

Therefore, employers should have a presence on social media. It is a perfect channel for selling your brand to the millennials. You cannot create social media accounts for all the platforms. Get to understand where millennials spend most of their time and register your presence there.

Post messages that will be appealing to this young generation. Things like employee spotlights, behind-the-scene videos, and highlighting your company culture can help attract millennials. Be keen to use the best practices when engaging on social media.

  1. Embrace Mobile

Modern-day recruiters should become more adept on mobile than the source, contact, and even hire suitable candidates.  The use of Smartphones has increased by more than 78%, and millennials are the key drivers.

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The generation is tech-savvy and cannot avoid using mobile phones in their effects to search for jobs and make an application. Therefore, employers should optimize their career sites for mobile because. A poor experience will influence the perception of millennials towards your company.

It would be best if you also used mobile apps to enhance the productivity of your brand. It will also help to attract millennials to your company.

  1. The Benefits Should be Millennial Friendly

In the past, workers values transactional needs more than anything else. However, millennials look for training and development and working hours that are more flexible.

These individuals want a complete package, and you should shift your focus from the strict cash bonuses. Therefore, employee education should be a central component of the communication strategy while engaging talent.

Millennials want you to give them targets that will make them stretch and develop new skills. When it comes to work-life balance, you should appreciate that millennials have a life outside work.

  1. Invest in Company Reputation

The number of online reviews and comments for companies has been on the rise. Therefore, you should minimize negative mentions if you want to attract millennials.

Millennials want to be proud of the company they are working for and search your online reputation before accepting your offer. The organization is a critical part of their social identity and self-concept.

Millennials use the company’s reputation to interpret the quality of the job that they are doing. Let your current employees actively post positive images about their experience with your brand.

It would be best if you had an excellent company culture to motivate your employees. Happy employees will not fail to praise their employers online.

  1. Think About Your Millennial Engagement Model
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Millennials get higher job offers than the older generation candidates. Therefore, the competition for the young generation is high. Consequently, you need to give them a process that is truly interactive, unique, and fluid. Therefore, you have to make it meaningful and exciting.


To attract millennials, you have to start by understanding their characteristics. This knowledge will help you develop the right strategies to attract and retain this young generation. The above five methods will help you to attract millennials easily.

You need to get social, embrace mobile, and implement millennial-friendly benefits. You also need to invest in your company’s reputation and make a suitable millennial engagement model. You will not fail to attract millennials to your company as long as you use the right strategy.

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5 Easy Ways to Attract Millennials In 2020

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