5 Creative Content Ideas You’ll Want To Steal For Your eCommerce Website

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As an e-commerce company, the content you decide to post on your website will heavily influence your business’s success. Because content has the power to boost customer engagement and overall sales, coming up with an effective content marketing strategy is a must.

Not only can great content help you generate more leads, increase brand awareness, and create an engaging shopping experience, but it can also help with your Google rankings. The question is: how do you come up with a content strategy that’s effective but not generic? Below, five creative content ideas used by popular eCommerce websites that you can steal.

Informative and detailed buying guides

Posting buying guides on your website is a great way to help customers narrow down their choices and make a well-informed decision. This is one of the content marketing tactics that’s quite popular among successful brands such as the electronics giant Best Buy. This popular e-commerce website relies on integrating tech tutorials that the visitors can watch before heading to the page where they can purchase the product.

By taking this strategic approach to content creation, e-commerce websites take on the role of advisors. In other words, they’re able to provide users with useful information about the product they’re thinking of purchasing. As a result, customers can understand what a certain product does to make the right choice.

Newsletter subscription option

This is one solution that many e-commerce businesses rely on for lead generation and brand awareness building. By giving your customers the option to stay updated about any changes, product launches, and discounts, you can build a relationship with your customers, especially if you opt for customized and personalized newsletters.

Standing out in the crowd can be hard these days, and this is why it pays to invest in custom e-commerce development and have the platform tailored to your business’ needs, goals, and objectives. By building custom e-commerce solutions, businesses can make their platforms unique, while adding the subscription option to their websites will make sure they stay connected with their customers. What’s more, by opting for custom design, you’ll manage to avoid the limitations of ready-made, off-the-shelf solutions, thus lifting your online presence, visits, and profit.

Videos about the products

With more people turning to online shopping instead of heading to physical stores, it’s becoming increasingly important to provide the customers with a realistic shopping experience. Because customers cannot see what the product looks like in real life until it arrives at their doorstep, more e-commerce websites are including product videos on their pages to meet this need.

Besides offering more information (in terms of size, color, design, shape, etc.) than a simple product description, video product demos are also more powerful in capturing visitors’ attention and increasing conversions up to 85%. They also help save time, which is a huge plus for customers and translates to increased customer loyalty.

How-to content and DIY posts

Aside from showing your customers what your products look like in real life, another way to get your customers to engage with your business is to post content that shows how they can use the products and services you offer. Publishing how-to and DIY blog posts is a great way to natively integrate this type of content into the entire shopping experience and offer some useful advice to your customers. This strategy works for various e-commerce stores, whether you are selling food items or camping and outdoor gear.

The only rule? Keep it short and to-the-point to minimize page bounces. If possible, pair these posts with effective video content – it will engage your customers and make them spend more time on your website.

User-generated posts

What’s better than talking about your own products? Getting others to talk about it, of course! Posting user-generated content on your website is a great way to boost customer engagement and enhance your brand’s credibility and trustworthiness. The idea is to rely on self-motivated individuals who generate content about the purchases they’ve made. Whether we’re talking about user-generated Instagram posts or YouTube videos, this type of content will greatly influence your future buyer’s decisions. This is because customers tend to take into account previous customers’ opinions and experiences.

Posting user-generated content or UGC is also a great e-commerce content strategy if you’re looking to boost your SEO rankings. Search engines value user-generated content, which is all the more reason to keep it displayed on your e-commerce website.

Wrapping up

Achieving success in the competitive world of e-commerce is a matter of taking a creative approach to your content marketing strategy. This will often mean adopting effective marketing solutions that boost sales and increase customer engagement. Use the ideas above as an inspiration to come up with your own content marketing strategy that will help you stand out from the competitors, ensure a strong online presence, and create an amazing shopping experience for your customers.

5 Creative Content Ideas You’ll Want To Steal For Your eCommerce Website

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