5 Cool Office Ideas For Your Digital Marketing Agency

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5 Cool Office Ideas For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is a dynamic industry. Online marketers work in a fast-paced environment, handling multiple tasks and projects at once. 

Thus, if you’re managing a team of digital marketers, it’s crucial to invest in an office that fuels their motivation and productivity.

Check out these cool office design ideas for your digital marketing agency:

Closed Doors and Open Spaces

Offices can follow either an open floor plan or a closed floor plan. Open spaces lack barriers such as partitions and cubicles that divide workers. Meanwhile, closed office layouts combined cordoned-off space, private offices, and cloistered lounge areas. 

Open office space is ideal for digital marketing teams because it promotes a more open, collaborative, and interactive work environment.

You can also combine the features of both an open and a closed office layout, depending on the needs of your team. For example, you can dedicate private offices or conference rooms for deep work and meetings or discussions. 

Set Up a Playroom

Work hard, play hard! Many companies, particularly tech giants, have invested in creating a playroom for their employees. This goes to show that play is crucial for a productive and happy workforce too.

There are so many benefits from putting up a dedicated playroom for your employees, from neon slides to climbing walls, table tennis, and more.

  • Less Stress

The majority of employees experience burnout. Allowing them to breathe and shift their focus from work, even during breaks, is a great way to help them overcome stress. Add the healing power of laughter and happiness-inducing effects of moving, and you’ll have motivated and highly productive employees ready to churn in work.

  • Creative Flow

Playing games is like food for thought. Digital marketing is a job that involves a lot of critical thinking. Stimulating activities can help spark the creativity of your employees, which can lead to innovative ideas.

  • Bonding

A playroom is a great place for employees to build stronger relationships with their peers.

Invest in the Right Technology

Help your team get work done by investing in the right tools and technology. For example, if you adopt the hybrid workforce model, which many companies are doing now due to the pandemic, you will need to set up tools to support remote and in-office workers. 

These include collaboration tools that include cloud storage and document synchronization, a communication platform, and office capacity management tools. 

Hardware devices are also crucial for a digital marketing agency. Essentially, it would be best if you had computers, telephones, WiFi connection, etc.

Add Some Greenery

A quick and simple way to spruce up your office is to add greenery. It adds instant freshness to your space and promotes better airflow, which is essential in minimizing the spread of germs and viruses.

Apart from these, creating green spaces in the workplace are also tied to the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity. Studies have shown that plants in offices promote higher morale and can drive productivity by 20 percent.
  • Better engagement. One of the wonders of nature is it fosters positive relationships among humans. Plants have a relaxing impact on people. They are calming and stress-relieving, which helps people build encouraging connections with others.
  • Inviting aesthetics. Try to incorporate other eco-friendly design elements, such as wood, artwork, natural materials and shapes, and other vegetation types.

Create a Comfy Atmosphere

Don’t forget the decor, as it significantly impacts your employees’ mood and overall wellbeing. An office is a place where team members will spend the bulk of their waking hours. Therefore, it needs to be functional and comfortable. 

Check out these office design trends that are designed to boost productivity in your workplace:

  • Incorporate lounge areas where employees can socialize, take breaks and work in comfort.
  • Add pops of color. Color has a tremendous impact on how people function in a given setting. So go for smaller pops of color to add uniqueness and vibrance to your office.
  • Incorporate textures. More and more offices are moving toward designs that add depth and interest to them. A great way to achieve this is to use a lot of textures. 
  • Dedicate playful spaces. It can be a lounge area or a nook with plenty of vibrant colors, textures, and cute decorative pieces.
  • Decorative lighting is important too. Accent lights can create a calm and cozy ambiance that will help your employees beat stress at work. At the same time, you want to allow an ample amount of natural light to boost your team’s productivity further.


Designing your office is essential not only to show off your expertise as a digital marketing company. It’s also a great way to keep your employees motivated, engaged, and productive. 

By incorporating these design ideas, you can pull off an amazing workspace that your employees will look forward to going to each day.

5 Cool Office Ideas For Your Digital Marketing Agency