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4 Things You Can Do This Black Friday To Drive More Customers

Black Friday eCommerce sales reached $5.03 billion last year, 16.9% more compared to 2016. Well, the holiday season makes buyers spend a little extra, and eCommerce benefits a lot from this behavioral shift. Not just Black Friday, Halloween, Christmas or New Year, there’s record-breaking eCommerce sales every year.

So why not implement some strategies that can drive more customers to your store this holiday season! This article is specifically about Black Friday, but you can get the gist of it and use the techniques in other holidays as well.

We will be discussing these 4 eCommerce techniques for Black Friday:

  1. Black Friday Offers & Discounts
  2. Effective Use of Social Media
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing

Let’s discuss all 4 Black Friday marketing techniques and have profound knowledge about how to drive more customers to your website.

Black Friday Offers and Discounts

Nearly every big brand gives Black Friday offers and discounts. Offers and discounts are not only a great motivation for buyers but it’s a great technique to gain recurring customers. It goes without saying that it has become an to offer some discount to customers, no matter which niche you’re dealing with. As an online platform, you should never forget that people still do a good amount of research before they hit the check out button. So, stores with the best offers win!

You can use various offers like these to attract customers:

  • Flat 50% off on categories.
  • Buy 1 get 1 free on every electronics accessories.
  • Flat 30% off on all branded products

This is how you can make numerous combinations as mentioned above.

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Amazon does a very cool thing when it comes to giving offers on holidays. They know what you had been searching for quite a time. You may also have added that product in your wishlist. Amazon offers a personalized discount on the wishlist items to customers, and that leads to a happy customer.

Effective Use of Social Media

Now that you can sell directly on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, these channels can give you tremendous benefits in terms of sales. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, collectively have over 4 billion users over the world, so the potential is outrageous!

Facebook has allowed users to create their own store and sell products, and the same goes for Instagram. They can tag their products and enable users to buy directly from Instagram. For instance, Born To Be Sassy has used Instagram to promote its collection this Black Friday. Check this out:

Facebook is also a great platform to promote your products on Black Friday, just like HYPE on HYPE did. The best benefit of Facebook is that it allows brands to create their own online store within Facebook, so it makes it easier for buyers to view & purchase the products.

Content Marketing

Content is the King. A King who is becoming more and more powerful. We all know the importance of content whether it’s a blog or a vlog. All you need is the right strategy and the right time to publish your content.

Here, Canon has sponsored a video on YouTube to channel called UrAvgConsumer where the host is promoting various Canon products and discounts on this year’s Black Friday. Check it out:

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Not just the visual content, but so many brands create blogs like “Top 10 Things You Should Buy on Black Friday 2018” and promote their products. Content has a wider reach than we think, so no matter which holiday is coming, you must be prepared for some useful content that can solve search query as well as benefit you from selling your products.

Here’s a brilliant example of an Indian eCommerce store, Myntra combining two multicultural festivals in one post:

Email Marketing

According to Custora studies, email marketing generated almost 25% of the total sales in 2015. Some people do argue that email marketing is not an effective method now, but if you do it right, it still works! Make sure to send out emails to your customers at the right time and come up with some interesting concept and subject line. Usually, online stores start to send out Black Friday emails a week or two before the big day.

Here’s a very cool example from Chubbies Shorts. It’s different, attractive, and makes you want to click on the button. Check it out:

As we covered, the online sales hit increased by 16.9% compared to 2016, and this year it will definitely try to jump higher. Email marketing has been an integral part of holiday promotion whether it is Black Friday or Christmas or New Year, so be prepared to come up with a classy email for 2018.

And oh. Make sure to come up with an innovative subject line because that’s the first thing that makes a buyer click on the email. Just like Quirky used:

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“Don’t wait ’till tomorrow! Take up to 50% off on our most popular inventions right now.”


Black Friday is going to be huge for eCommerce, just like every year. This holiday season can give your store some amazing traffic and sales. But more importantly, it can give you a bunch of dedicated customers.

Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comment section below.



Kashyap Trivedi is working with Digital Marketing Team at PSDCenter – A trusted agency for BigCommerce development and other eCommerce services. Kashyap is constantly learning new things in Digital Marketing and other areas under that umbrella. When he is not working, you’ll find him reading a book on Psychology or Spirituality.

4 Things You Can Do This Black Friday To Drive More Customers

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