4 Free Software That You Can Use to Burn Your DVDs

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Most of the people want to give surprise to their friends or family members by giving them a gift of homemade movies or slideshows. Now, the problem for them is that they don’t know how to deliver this gift to their friends or family members. The best way to deliver this gift is to record this video in a DVD, gift-wrap it and give to your friend or family member directly. Most of the students don’t know how to burn a DVD. Some essential and free software that you can use to burn your DVD are given below;

WinX DVD Author:

WinX DVD Author is one of the most popular DVD burner software that is supported by Windows 10. It can also support some OS versions too. You can easily burn all the popular videos formats like MP4, FLV, MOV, and FLV, etc. It also allows the users to personalize the menus of the DVD like you can add subtitles and other elements. While burning the video, most of the people face lots of problems relevant to the aspect ratio of the videos. This software has also solved this problem of the people because it allows its users to set the aspect ratio of their videos according to their own choice. Along with burning the DVD, it also supports some other video editing basics. On the other hand, this software doesn’t burn or edit images or audio files. It doesn’t support some other advanced features of video editing like chapter creation etc.

Ashampoo Burning Studio Free:

It is known as a straightforward DVD burner which is easily supported by the Windows 10. By using this software, it is easy for you to burn videos, audios and some other files into DVD, CD, and Blu-Ray. Along with burning the DVD and CD, it can also perform some other tasks like you can save your backup tasks, you can restore your data and you can also erase the rewritable discs. It also provides an opportunity to the users to extract the ISO image and after extracting these images, they can easily convert these images into the disc. No doubt, it is free software but before using its features, it is necessary for you to add key. You can easily get this key by giving your email ID. A disadvantage of this software is that it doesn’t have compression and customization tools.

BurnAware Free:

This is known as the most commonly used DVD writer software and used by a large number of companies including dissertation writing services. It can support lots of files like videos, pictures, documents and digital photos. You can easily burn these documents into DVD or CD. It also provides an opportunity of Blu-Ray burning to its users. The main advantage of this software over the other software is that you can create bootable and multisession discs with the help of it. Some other features of this software are that you can extract the audio tracks, you can also recover the data from the unreadable discs and you can also verify the data. The users can easily use this software because its interface is very simple, clean and effective for the users. The limitation of this software is that you can’t customize a movie or you can’t make a copy of the customizable video.


If you have installed Windows 7 on your PC, CDBurner XP is the best DVD burner software to you. You can easily burn videos into DVD, CD or Blu Ray with the help of this software. The main advantage of this software is that you can easily create audio tracks without gaps. If you want to create ISO images files, this software is also easy to use to you. Another essential benefit of this software is that you can easily burn multiple discs at a time. This software will also allow users to rewrite the media. There are some drawbacks of using this software like you can’t run it without Microsoft and it also requires a net framework for its execution.


In our daily life, we have to burn a DVD or CD in order to send some personal videos or files to our friends and family members. One can easily burn a DVD or CD by installing and launching the best DVD burner software, by inserting video files in this software, by choosing the DVD menu template and by clicking on the burn the videos. Some essential software to burn a DVD or a CD is WinX DVD Author, Ashampoo Burning Studio, BurnAware Free and CDBurner XP.

4 Free Software That You Can Use to Burn Your DVDs

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