4 Dynamic Content Ideas for Boosting eCommerce Conversions

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When you first set up your eCommerce store, you probably invested in the best tools and programs to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible. You most likely made sure that the website’s loading time is quick, the payment options are versatile and secure, and the content is visually appealing. Yet despite all these efforts, the numbers you’re getting aren’t up to par. Why is that?

You need to understand that you need advanced eCommerce support if you want customers to know and stay with your brand. That is why more than visually aesthetic content, you need a dynamic one to boost conversions.

Personalized and targeted, dynamic content should be the aim of every entrepreneur looking for online business marketing strategies that are results-driven. Hit the ground running with these four vibrant content ideas for boosting your eCommerce conversions:

  1.       Send customized eCommerce emails.

The time of sending generic messages is long gone. If you want people to open your emails, you need to tailor messages to the recipient. It sounds like a tall order, but it can be done with these strategies:

  • First, segment your email list according to gender.

If you have a wide range of products, it’s best to segment your email list according to gender. For example, if you have promotional messages for women’s products, you wouldn’t want them mixed up with your male subscribers. In addition, untargeted messages can lead to people flagging your messages as Spam.

  • Promote products based on purchase history.

Send customers product recommendations that complement their previous purchases. This way, you ensure that you’re reaching people who are already interested in your offers.

  1.       Revamp your search box.

Search technology is continuously being improved, so it only fits to take advantage of this for your eCommerce store. Don’t let your search box be just a space where people key in words. Make sure that it also has autocompleted and autocorrect features. People who frequent your store should see suggestions in the search box when typing keywords. This kind of behavioral analysis and assistance expedites shopping and purchase.

  1.       Handle abandoned carts expertly.

Many consumers prefer online shopping because it gives them the freedom to browse through items without being followed around by store assistants. However, even this ease and convenience isn’t enough to get people through to checkout. Studies have shown that online shopping has an average of 78.65% abandoned carts.

This finding isn’t to be taken lightly. When people go through your store, add items, and stop at the point of purchase, please reach out to them through emails. When you send people a message reminding them of their unfinished shopping, make sure to include images of their added items as well as a direct payment link.

TIP: Work with a content writer VA (virtual assistant) to help you curate attention-grabbing emails that prompt action.

  1.       Use smart and personalized calls to action.

Subscribe now. Buy. Follow us. These calls to action (CTAs) might have worked in the past, but you need a more dynamic one for a higher conversion rate these days.

Pop-ups of discount coupons when people are browsing items and browser-specific calls to action command more attention. People are more drawn to respond when the CTAs they receive are customized to the direction they’re leaning to get to.

Don’t settle for old strategies if you want new results. Instead, create more dynamic content with these four strategies for higher eCommerce conversions.

4 Dynamic Content Ideas for Boosting eCommerce Conversions

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