3 Best Practices to Exceed at Customer Centricity
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3 Best Practices to Exceed at Customer Centricity

These days, just satisfying expectations is not enough. Exceeding customer expectations is a big factor in making you ahead of the competition. You need to “wow” your customers and make sure they would not jump ship because of their experience with your business. When you fail to meet customer expectations, they will move to a competitor. That’s even if it is just a single bad experience. 

Customer experience with your business is just as important as your service or product. No matter how great your product is, if you can’t make your interactions with customers productive and enjoyable, you’ll lose them. 

According to Deloitte, 62% of companies consider customer experience a competitive differentiator. This means that you need to offer more than good customer service. Customers should enjoy the entire buying experience.

As a business in an ultra-competitive market, you should be able to deliver genuine customer value. While others might beat you in terms of bigger teams or more money, you will progress toward your goal and flourish with values that resonate with your customers. The key is building a customer-centric company and exceeding that centricity at all times.

But first… 

What Does Being Customer-Centric Mean?

A customer-centric business goes beyond good customer service. Whether before or after the sale, it provides a positive customer experience that can boost customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Being customer-centric is creating a culture around the customers, their needs, and interests. It’s putting them first at the core of the business to provide a positive experience and build long-term relationships. From product development and marketing to sales and support, a customer-centric business focuses every aspect on its customers’ needs.

Proven Strategies to Exceed at Customer Centricity

1.     Empower your employees.

Your employees, particularly your customer service team, are the face of your brand. They are the frontline that interacts with customers and makes decisions to meet their needs. So, it is necessary to ensure that you have the best talent on the team and address their needs. You can do this by giving competitive pay and benefits, appreciating their hard work, and finding ways to improve employee satisfaction. When your employees are not only exceptional but also empowered, the best customer service will follow. 

Another way to empower your employees is to upskill them. In addition to giving them great templates and email ad banners to boost revenue from your existing customers, invest in their training. This way, they can continue to build and improve their customer service skills. They will also be in a much better position to advance your business values, and all of these are beneficial to your company’s growth.

2.     Use customer service tools.

Without quality customer service tools, delivering above-average customer service is almost impossible. A customer-centric business gives employees the tools needed to do the job and trains them appropriately. This helps them deliver immediate solutions to the customers. As a result, the customers become more satisfied and stay with the business, as they know it can address their needs.

An example of a great customer service tool is a chatbot that can help create a friendly conversation with customers. It can offer clear and concise answers to their questions and advice on the best products and services that best fit their budgets. This automation also helps cut costs.

Another way to deliver better customer experiences is to get a CRM database, which can help you better understand your customers. It gives you access to customer data and insights. Also, you can make things better by tracking customer feature requests using feature request software.

3.     Actively collect and implement customer feedback.

When you collect customer feedback, you understand their needs and expectations. This is important, so you know your performance and improve your products and services and how you do business. Once you know what your customers need or expect from you, it becomes easy to deliver service and retain customers. You do what they expect from you, and they will not go anywhere else.

Soliciting customer feedback is a great way to communicate frequently regularly. When you access your customers’ thoughts, you’re creating a customer-centric culture that can help your business in many ways. You’ll be surprised by the insights you’ll receive and their usefulness in improving your products and services. Also, knowing your strengths and weaknesses from the customers helps you exceed their expectations the next time.

In today’s digital world, there are so many platforms you can use to collect feedback and establish valuable communication with customers. Here are a few touchpoints to consider:

    • SMS
    • Email
    • Chat
    • Phone calls
    • FB messenger
    • Message boards
    • In-app messenger

However, getting feedback is only the initial step. The most crucial is acting on your feedback and building real initiatives.

These are only three of the many best practices to exceed customer-centricity. While there are many ways to do it, keep this in mind: Customers want a seamless, hassle-free experience with any transaction. You’ll exceed their expectations when you understand their needs and work on meeting those. 

Do you have other ideas on how to reduce complaints and offer the best service to the customers? Let us know in the comment section. 

3 Best Practices to Exceed at Customer Centricity

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