3 Alternatives to Trello Project Management Software

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3 Major Substitutes for Project Management Software Trello

We cannot sail smoothly in any arena of life without taking the help of technology. It is an inseparable part of our life that we cannot deny. However, when riding managing business projects, gaming projects, and other such projects, Trello or other project management software strikes against our heads. Even Jojo crusaders heaven is also developed on Trello. But for many reasons, Trello is considered efficient for working on simple projects only and is not compatible with complex business projects. As a result, finding substitutes or alternatives to the Trello platform is necessary for businesses. 

Why do we need a substitute for the Trello platform?

The reason why people look for an alternative to Trello is because of certain drawbacks associated with Trello. The first and primary thing is that Trello cannot provide all the features required to handle a complicated project. For example, it has a single board for managing the entire project, and many project types do not fit this board. In addition, we cannot use our system’s data in Trello as interconnected since the Trello platform shows incompatibilities with other file formats. All these things are responsible for pushing people to find alternatives to Trello project management software.

Is Trello incompetent software for managing complex projects?

We cannot say this exactly, but it is not that useful when handling a complex project. Big projects require the team to set good communication by sharing every single information and outcome, which is not possible on Trello. One cannot execute or manage complex projects requiring features like tracking the time, speed, and finances of a project. It is a waste of effort to work on the free version of Trello, which is why there is a dire need for an alternative to the Trello platform for businesses.

3 Alternatives for the Trello project management tool 

Here are the three best alternatives that you can choose for the Trello platform. All these three alternatives can help you to manage your project like a pro. So have a look at the below:

Jira is a good alternative to Trello with multiple boards 

If you know project managing software,  Jira is not needed. It is a project management software like Trello but with more advanced features. For example, importing files through Jira does not have to face difficulties. Moreover, it is not a single board project managing software as it has boards that are perfect to handle the type of projects effectively and holds a good reputation as project managing software.

Another great substitute for Trello that businesses are using for managing their big projects is Asana.

It is a great software that can help businesses with projects. You can manage even complicated projects and can have the feature of tracking time, expenses, and other things too. That is why Asana is the best alternative to Trello when choosing a good project management software.

Azure can be a good choice instead of Trello for project management. 

If you are facing difficulties in managing your project on the Trello platform owing to its shortcomings, then Azure is also a good choice that you can opt for. It is a software that is helpful to manage projects of all levels by importing files from all formats; you can track time, finances, and such things related to projects on Azure. It is also a good platform to get the best integration with the team working on the same project.


So these are the three alternatives you can choose when finding a substitute for your Trello project management software. But, of course, there are so many other software apart from the listed three which you can use as project managing tools in place of Trello. That is how you can handle a project easily without confronting issues related to communication, coordination, support to file formats, etc.