2021 Digital Marketing Trends in Times of Coronavirus

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Changes in the digital world of marketing continue to arrive at a very high rate. But do not worry; we will tell you what the 2021 digital marketing trends are and everything you need to know if you want to be successful in times of the coronavirus. You may find it difficult to know which digital trends are important and nothing more than fads. That is why we have analyzed the main trends that will go beyond marketing and digital communications that will triumph for this 2021 post-COVID-19. We have done a review from Social Networks to eCommerce, without forgetting Digital Marketing and Online Advertising automation, two disciplines on the rise.

However, it must be borne in mind that a large part of the world’s population is limited, and all “non-essential” economic activity in many countries is paralyzed. We are witnessing a new strengthening of digital channels, which took place after the last major economic crisis.

That is why at Come & Communicate, we have wanted to help you overcome this crisis, and we have taken note of the ten 2021 Digital Marketing Trends to which we must pay special attention. Do you want to know what they are? Well, don’t miss this article!

Online Events

According to a recent GlobalSpec marketing survey, 47 percent of industrial companies are increasing their spending on online events. Online events, sometimes called virtual events or online fairs, are a trend made possible by broadband availability and new technologies that allow media companies to support highly interactive experiences. Online events are often targeted at a specific audience. They offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your product line, build your brand reputation, provide content to your audience, and connect with your prospects and customers. What’s more, all this can be done from the comfort and convenience of your home or office.


Video is experiencing a significant growth stage. In fact, a high percentage of businesses are increasing their video spend, and it’s easy to see why. In the age of YouTube, videos are cheap to produce, the quality of homemade production is acceptable, but it also increases consumer confidence. Also in favor of video is the fact that many people like to watch, not read. Do you need good ideas to record videos? You can do interviews with the executives of your company or with authorities in the field you work in, conversations between product managers, service demonstrations, or local visits to customers who use their products and/or services.

Social Media

If social networks and messaging applications were already widespread during the confinement by a coronavirus, there has been a greater demand for connections. Users are now more active than ever and spend a lot of time online posting all kinds of challenges, support messages, tips, memes, and other entertainment. If we add to this the fact that to favor the effectiveness of the impacts, social media have greatly developed their ad management platforms, creating new formats and allowing highly precise segmentations. As a result, advertising on social media works better than ever. Many brands already obtain part of the sale of their products or services through them. The keys, in our opinion, are two: the increase in consumer confidence to buy through social networks and the sophistication of the formats, and the possibilities of segmentation. Therefore, it is important to consider social media advertising as one of the 2021 digital marketing trends. Tools for your Social Media click on the link.

Remote Work

The growing use of social and digital networks keeps us connected on a personal and/or entertainment level, and that is not just what we have witnessed… this progress has allowed us to move towards working models. A new model is looming on the horizon that is based on flexible working hours and universal remote working hours. However, this will have to wait to see if it consolidates once this situation is overcome. In any case, something is undoubtedly driving us to overcome this crisis, such as using digital tools. Tools that have been adapted to the new needs of both brands and consumers.

Digital Content

A few years ago, everyone was saying, “Content is king.” In many respects, content is still king, as we continue to consume digital content daily to stay informed. Proof of this is the enormous growth of online readers, the iPad, and other devices that consume digital content. And not just web pages. There are videos, seminars, downloadable PDF files, e-books, interactive tools, and much more. Yet, there are not many companies with content strategies. This shows that companies that develop content marketing strategies are more likely to be successful.

Most people still choose to focus on their products rather than focus on creating Lead Nurturing content and programs that provide more value to the products/services. So now you know your customers and prospects are hungry for content. Your job is to create that content and get it to go to your audience in digital format.


This is one of the 2021 Digital Marketing Trends with the greatest pull. The coronavirus crisis affects all types of companies, all sectors, and all consumers in most of the world. However, not all the impact has been negative, as online stores have seen their sales skyrocket. Ecommerce sales have grown 55% since the confinement of the population began due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Currently, as a result of the de-escalation, its demand has decreased. However, part of the population continues to shop online. They seek the comfort of continuing to enjoy the advantages of receiving orders from home. A fact that can finally consolidate this shopping model among consumers.

Augmented Reality

The increase in formats such as video and augmented reality will allow more interactive shopping experiences. However, it must close the gap between commitment and purchase for your brand to leave the competition behind. In other words, you have to turn your website into a great digital experience that captures the consumer from minute 1. And for this, augmented reality on mobile devices provides an attractive way to reach your target audience. It is fast, simple, and very interactive. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X already provide a reality-enhancing experience for their users. It is expected that by 2021 more and more channels will introduce new methods to integrate augmented reality on their platform. In this sense, Snapchat and Ikea do well and are two good examples to follow.

A / B testing and Analysis

A great advantage of digital media is that it is easy to test and measure. A / B testing is becoming a popular way to optimize email campaigns, web pages, and other online media. But what is A / B testing? It basically means dividing your contact list in two and sending each list a slightly different version of your testing. Of course, we recommend you change only one thing at a time and measure what works best for you. This type of test can be applied to anything you do on the internet. For example, perform some analysis of your websites, such as measuring traffic on the page, popularity, and visitor behavior. This will help you make informed decisions about how to optimize your page.

Automation in Marketing

Marketing automation is essential to improve productivity. It helps you maximize communications with your prospects to prioritize content personalization. Provide greater efficiency, and reduce costs and time for your employees. In addition, it allows you to develop complex marketing processes that are naturally difficult or impossible. On the other hand, companies have better control over marketing actions. They can track their impact in detail. Thanks to marketing automation, emails are delivered to the right users at the right time. It also allows you to automatically detect the most prepared records to receive a commercial offer based on their profile and behavior towards your company.

Online Marketing Budgets

The fashion for digital media against television is increasingly evident, and the numbers show it. Online advertising is expected to account for more than half of the anticipated ad spend in 2020, reaching $ 660 billion. This represented an increase of 7.1%, partly due to a 13.2% increase in investment on the Internet. Of the $ 335.4 billion invested in online advertising, the biggest piece of the pie will go to Google parent Alphabet and Facebook. Therefore, online marketing should continue to be the protagonist of your marketing budgets for years to come. As businesses and merchants realize more ROI associated with online programs and discover that they can better connect with prospects and potential customers, online marketing will continue to increase. 

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2021 Digital Marketing Trends in Times of Coronavirus

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