11 eCommerce Web Design Trends For Your Online Business in 2022

You are currently viewing 11 eCommerce Web Design Trends For Your Online Business in 2022
11 eCommerce Web Design Trends For Your Online Business in 2022

Covid-19 accelerated digital transformation and a rise in online stores. However, e-commerce sales are expected to increase even more in the coming years. For instance, retail e-commerce sales figure is forecast to nearly double from USD 4.9 trillion in 2021 to USD 7.4 trillion in 2025. Thus, the e-commerce industry will become more competitive as more and more businesses emerge.

To survive and succeed in such a tough market, e-commerce businesses need to provide an innovative and dynamic shopping experience. To ensure the same, you can keep up with the latest web design trends that are discussed below:

Top e-commerce Web design trends for 2022:

Hyper-creative web animations

2022 will see hyper-creative, stunning web animations that provide vivid details on the web pages. Rather than a cosmetic effect, web designers will leverage hyper-creative animations for more immersive user experiences, such as zoom product details, page transitions, disassembling products, creating other captivating transitions, etc.

Fun filter features

As a critical function of an e-commerce website, filtering requires a lot of logical thinking to design. But in 2022, it will also be about further streamlining filtering with fun and humorous designs. So while it will provide a convenient search for users, it will also be entertaining and get faster inputs.

Neutral colors on backgrounds

While bold colors make a website stand out and attractive, muted neutral colors give a sophisticated, minimalistic look that many brands today seek to reflect. 2022 will embrace the neutral color palette of beige, taupe, gray, olive, brown, and more. But be careful not to make your website look washed out.

Evolved multidirectional layouts

Unconventional website layouts always grab viewers’ attention as they are bold and thrive on oddity. But that’s not all! 2022 will bring multidirectional layouts so users can scroll not only up/down but also forward/backward, left/right, diagonally, and so on. It makes web designs more intuitive and enjoyable.

Light mode

Dark mode has been a popular design trend until now. But in 2022, it will be light mode designs with neutral tone backgrounds, as we discussed earlier. As a much-needed change for customers, it will bring light and weightlessness to online shopping.

Live search

Live search is when a user starts to type in the search bar, and relevant products instantly appear in the drop-down menu. So customers can directly click on items instead of going to the search page. 2022 will see this feature on most websites as it helps shoppers quickly find what they are looking for.

Faster page speeds

Page loading speed is a vital ranking factor for websites. Especially now that competition has increased in the e-commerce space, web designers will need to design websites that load at lightning-fast speeds to do well with customers in search results.

Mobile-First Approach

Mobile commerce is forecast to contribute 44% to overall e-commerce sales and hit $488 billion in 2024, at a 25.5% CAGR from 2019. Since customers spend most of their digital time on mobile apps, e-commerce websites will need to be responsive and optimized for mobile with mobile-app-pile features.

Clever Navigation

In 2022, the navigation feature will also get a makeover. As discussed earlier, designers have started placing it in the center using multidirectional layouts. Moreover, they are also adding animation, unique fonts, micro-images, and branding elements.

Micro animations

Micro animations explain things visually and simplify tasks for users, enhancing their experience. An example of micro-interaction can be using a mouseover effect to enable shoppers to view products in different colors/designs instantly. Other examples can include drag-and-drop, animated elements to show users have performed a task correctly, shortcuts for adding to a cart, sharing, favorites, etc.

AI and Chatbots for personalization

Nearly 80% of customers are more likely to shop if a brand offers personalized experiences. In 2021, AI and chatbots will further revolutionize personalization to elevate the customer experience. For example, you can use AI and chatbots to offer recommendations based on shoppers’ earlier actions, order history, demographics, browsing behavior, and other personal data.

Tips for choosing the best website design that works for you

While implementing the latest feature trends for your web development is necessary for staying competitive, below are some tips you must keep in mind to choose a website design that works best for you. Choose a design that:

  • Communicates your core message clearly and instantaneously
  • It is easy and fun to navigate
  • Guides your users’ eyes with a visual hierarchy
  • It does not include distracting elements
  • It makes the text easy to read and aesthetically laid out
  • Is mobile-friendly
  • Lastly, communicate clearly with your designers what you want and expect.

The Bottom Line

We have reviewed the best e-commerce web design trends for 2022. However, these trends continue to change but implementing them can enhance the user experience. So embrace these trends if they work for your online e-commerce store. If you know other latest trends not on the list, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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11 eCommerce Web Design Trends For Your Online Business in 2022

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