11 Best CRM Software for Marketing Agencies and Small Businesses

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11 Best CRM Software for Marketing Agencies and Small Businesses


Marketing agencies focus on two primary things: improving the customer experience and increasing sales. Businesses will use customer relationship management tools to reach goals and manage expectations. 

CRM software differs from each other and helps marketing agencies capture valuable information for your clients so you can offer them much better services. A priority for your business should be to provide your clients with better services. 

There are plenty of CRM tools available on the market, but in this article, we will show you which ones are the best. 

11 Best CRM software to use for businesses and marketing agencies 

CRM software to use for businesses
CRM software to use for businesses


  • HighLevel 

HighLevel is an excellent CRM software that you can use for your marketing agency and small business. So what is the reason for it? It’s how cost-effective and useful it is to use in the long term. 

HighLevel was initially designed to be white-labeled. Most other platforms will require you to apply to a partner program to access white-labeling functionalities. You have complete control over the menu items, Javascript, and CSS, and you can also create SaaS features with High Levels drag-and-drop interface. 

Pricing with a HighLevel begins at $297 per month and allows you to access advanced features on your long-term campaigns. Most other platforms will be a problem because the bigger you get, the more you’ll have to pay in the long term. This isn’t the case with high levels. 

  • Monday.com 

Monday.com is a highly customizable platform that will help you manage your workflows and monitor client interactions within your agency. The platform’s dashboard is divided into 50 columns for working groups and projects. 

Furthermore, you can create custom pipelines for your project based on your project’s workflows and specifications to get the best results from your data. 

Key features of Monday.com include: 

    • Offers you quick solutions to identify issues you may be undergoing 
    • Customizable options for monitoring your sales process
    • Native integrations with Excel, Gmail, etc. 

Pricing with Monday.com starts at $10 per user per month. You can use a free plan, but it offers only a few features that don’t allow you to enjoy the experience. 

  • Drip 

Drip is a powerful CRM tool that small businesses use for maintaining long-term relationships, managing their contacts, and much more. The CRM tool is easy to use and allows you to build automation workflows and set up email campaigns. In addition, there is a visual email builder that helps you create personalized emails. 

More than 100 app integrations help you improve your lead generation and marketing efforts. In addition, it can integrate with several online eCommerce stores such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. 

Key features of Drip include: 

    • Contact management 
    • More than 100 app integrations 
    • Segmentation of emails 
    • Actionable reports 
    • Built-in SMS features, etc. 

Pricing with Drip begins at $19 per month with up to 500 active contacts. In addition, you can use a 14-day free trial to learn more about the platform. 

  • EngageBay 

EngageBay is an integrated marketing platform and CRM solution designed to help businesses acquire and convert website visitors into customers. The cloud-based platform allows companies to use marketing tools to build relationships and retain customers for a lifetime. 

Key features EngageBay offers are: 

    • Landing pages 
    • Email marketing 
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Contact management 

Pricing with EngageBay begins at $10.79 per month and is known to be the best platform for its business size, the way it supports multiple platforms, and Customer Relationship Management. 

  •  Capsule 

Capsule CRM allows users to manage opportunities and organize their projects based on clients’ activities. In addition, it gives you an overall summary of the opportunities you go through on your sales dashboard. 

These opportunities will include potential values, which stage they are in the sales pipeline, and what you need to continue doing. 

The capsule is the best when you want to use integrations and accounting tools. Key features include: 

    • Allows users to create their teams and assign new leads to the sales team
    • Offers a view of the sales pipeline 
    • Monitors and stores contact management, leads, customers, and more 

Pricing begins at $18 per user per month. Additionally, you have a 30-day free trial, but it’ll offer you fewer features than required. 

  • Salesflare 

Salesflare is a platform commonly used by B2B marketers and agencies that manage clients. People like to use it primarily because of its ease and ability to extract data automatically from emails, social media profiles, and other sources. 

Moreover, it automatically logs all your phone calls and meetings with customers by connecting your calendar and phone, saving you enough time to do things manually. 

Additionally, it keeps track of your activities and informs you when you need to visit your site, open your email, and when you are required to post something on social media. 

Key features with Salesflare include: 

    • Lead management 
    • Personalized email campaigns 
    • Pipeline management 
    • Tracking of interactions and more 

Monthly pricing with Salesflare begins at $29 per month, billed annually, and its most advanced plan costs around $99. 

  • Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is some of the best CRM platforms for a small business. It offers plenty of powerful features that can help you increase your sales rate, measure your sales performance and generate leads. 

The platform allows you to further connect with your customers and communicate on multiple channels across a centralized dashboard, making things easier for your sales team to have a powerful conversation with their customers without any effort. 

Another special feature of Zoho is its AI assistant, Zia. The AI assistant helps you automate tasks, take notes, and gather valuable information. However, you can only use Zia with your Premium plan. 

Zoho is a cost-effective tool that you can use for small businesses. Key features with Zoho CRM include the following: 

    • Zia
    • Webforms 
    • Lead Management 
    • Workflow Automation 
    • Process Management 
    • Developer Platform 

Zoho CRM is free for three users, but you can subscribe to its most advanced plan, which is $40 per month. 

  • Insightly 

Insightly is a platform that is used for project management. For example, you can keep track of your project’s progress, time, and even all the expenses you make. In addition, it allows you to import data from other applications and set up automatic reminders. 

Insightly is primarily used for small businesses and manages projects that allow you to track your sales. 

Monthly pricing with Insightly ranges from $29 to $99 per user. You get a 14-day free trial if you need it, and if you pay annually, you get a discount. 

  • Pipeline

The pipeline is a cloud-based CRM solution that helps manage contacts, sales, and activities. You can get leads from third parties, API connections, and web forms that help you save time and not spend hundreds of hours filling out forms. 

Furthermore, you can fully take control of your sales process and create events by syncing your Outlook calendar and Gmail

The pipeline doesn’t require you to have any training sessions, which you may need for other CRM systems. 

  • Keap 

Keap is a CRM tool most popular for businesses that have just begun using CRM software. The interface is user-friendly with a simple setup. The Keap CRM platform centralizes your client’s activity and adds all the customer interactions. Using the platform, you can automate customer activities from several platforms to improve your teamwork and gather the required support. 

Key features include: 

    • Analytics and reporting to improve customer engagement and the effectiveness of marketing 
    • Email marketing tools for generating revenue and nurturing leads 
    • Customizable dashboards for tracking leads and managing sales 

Pricing plans start at $129 per month for 1500 contacts and have limited features for usage. 

  • Freshsales (Freshworks) 

Freshsales is a platform full of sales CRM features for businesses of all sizes. The CRM allows you to customize sales activities and complete the contact journey for becoming a customer. The platform uses AI and sets up automation workflows, connecting different types of content through several channels and gathering insights from conversations. 

Key features with Freshsales include: 

    • Mobile-friendly 
    • Easy-to-use workflows 
    • Email templates 
    • Contact management 
    • AI tool
    • Several integrations with third-party applications 

Pricing with Freshales starts for free, but with their most advanced plan, you have advanced features that will cost you $83 per month, but if you pay annually, you’ll pay $69 annually. 

The end 

This is it for this article. These are the 11 best CRM software you can use for your business. Which is best for your business will all depend on your requirements. We recommend you carefully read through each software and see how they fit in your business’s everyday life.