10 Tips to Follow to Make Your WordPress Website Ready for 2018
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10 Tips to Follow to Make Your WordPress Website Ready for 2018

WordPress is ruling over the web and 2018 may not be an exceptional year for its dominance. To win the fiercely competitive market, you should follow some good tips to make your WordPress site ready for upcoming challenges.

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Millions of websites running on the web and thousands of websites may compete for your website in your niche. You may have hundreds of immediate competitor in your locality or region alone.

Now, the question is how to attract the attention of your targeted audience to sustain in competition and grow further. If you have a WordPress website, the current post is for you to provide some useful tips to follow to make your website ready for 2018 to beat your competition.

Make Your WordPress Website Design Attractive and Unique – It is immediate look and feel of the website, which can grab the attention of onlookers of your website interface, as well as can expand the attention duration a bit longer. Of course, you need not design your WordPress website from scratch to make it alluring and unique to stand apart from the rests.

WordPress is a rich platform to offer tons of various themes with highly customization abilities. However, the selection process of the most suitable WordPress theme for business or business team is tough, and the help of WordPress experts can make a difference.

Make Your WordPress Website Content Engaging and Unique / It is said that content is king everywhere including on the web. It can make or break your website or business associated with it. Carefully crafted content, content layout, and content architecture are vital aspects to win the attention, engagement, and conversion of your website audience.

Therefore, you need the help of expert content writers and SEO team managing the content. Most of prestigious WordPress web development companies have SEO team and SEO content writer for design and publishing content.

  • Your content must be easy to understand by all levels of readers.
  • Content should deliver your business messages efficiently and straightforwardly.
  • Design the content layout such a way that can make content clean, compact, and comprehensive.

Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-friendly – If you don’t know, I would like to inform you that we are living in the mobile era. Our most of audience resides on the mobile devices. Therefore, the leading search engines have made mobile-friendly website compulsory by making it a part of their ranking algorithms.

The responsive web design technique is the best way to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly besides displaying on large screens. When you choose the WordPress theme, take care that it must be responsive and mobile-friendly in all senses.

  • Check your website on different screens and real mobile devices.
  • Check the appearance of your website and performance on various smartphones and tablets.
  • Test the user experiences of your website on different devices including desktops, laptops, and different mobiles with different mobile OS.

Make Your WordPress Website SEO-friendly – WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform by nature and at the tech point of view. What you need is the integration of SEO plugins to make the job easy to the webmasters or your SEO team, which you have hired.

  • Start with technical SEO by implementing the best practices of SEO in design and coding.
  • Developed content at SEO point of views and optimize it according to the prevailing SEO practices.
  • Content should have your business keywords and internal as well as external links as prescribed by the SEO team.
  • Optimize each web page by applying the best on-page SEO techniques including writing MetaData for the page, Robot file, and integration of Google and other analytics code.

Select Your WordPress Website Hosting Appropriately – Hosting plays a crucial role in the success of any website, and it goes true for WordPress website too. Therefore,

  • Select the most appropriate hosting plan by considering your website traffic, size, and futuristic plans
  • Shared hosting is good for small to mid-size sites, and VPS hosting is highly popular among the web portals with plenty of web pages and tons of web traffic

The dedicated hosting is better for the WordPress websites integrated with eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce

  • Today cloud-based hosting is the most feasible and economical way of hosting for all types and scales of websites so consider it for your WordPress website too after consulting your WordPress web development team or a company
  • Consider website uptime, loading, and accessibility factors while selecting the hosting providers or services
  • Website backup services, content, and resource upload, cPanel access, and backend access are some significant factors to check while hosting selection process

Select Your WordPress Website Plugins Appropriately – Plugins or extensions are good for bringing additional and custom functions and features on your WordPress website. The WordPress developer community has released myriads of plugins for various purposes, features, and functionality.

However, plugins always come with additional burden on the website hosting servers and performance. Therefore, integrate only essential and highly useful plugins for your WordPress website and avoid excess.

It may improve your overall site performance as well as de-clutter the website from unwanted features and functions.

Some plugins are posing threats to your website security and safety so be careful while selecting and integrating those. It is better you take help of WordPress plugin expert developers in this regard.

Configure Your WordPress Website Back-end According to Your Needs – WordPress back-end is extremely user-friendly in most of the WordPress standard themes. What you need is to customize the dashboard as per your requirements. It depends on the tech-savvy level of your WordPress backend users.

  • Always take help from WordPress web developers when you configure the WordPress backend first time. Power users can do best but at some limited extents only
  • You should decide that which module/interface should display on frontend of the site and where as well as how
  • Enable or disable extensions as per your needs and types of web pages
  • To publish the content fresh and regularly, you need the help of CMS so configure it according to your requirements as well as the tech-savvy level of users because some are comfortable with HTML interface for content posting while most of requiring MS word like functionality

Make Your WordPress Website Secure & Safe – Today malicious elements on the web are rampant and may attach to your website anytime. WordPress platform offers several security features and updates along with the core.

The WordPress developer community is frequently releasing various plugins for the safety and security of your site.

  • Try to take help of WordPress developers with security expertise and enable, implement, and install essential security features and extensions on your site.
  • Leverage authentication and authorization features of WordPress to make frontend and backend access secure
  • Install security patches released by WordPress platform time-to-time

Make Your WordPress Website Social Media Friendly – Various social media signals have significant weights in search engine rankings, and integration of social media APIs is easy with some standard WordPress plugins. Just ask your WordPress developers or social media optimization team to name the best of your website.

Remember that social media integration place some burden overloading as well as increase the volume of your code. The selection and configuration make a difference. Make sharing, likes, and twitting easy for your valuable content and products. It helps your business to reap the benefits of viral marketing.

Optimize Your WordPress Website Images & Video like Multimedia Content – One image substitutes a hundred words. The adage is true for websites when you upload stunning images regarding your products, ads, and marketing messages.

Be careful to save yourself from being overwhelmed in numbers because images slow the loading and performance as well as occupy valuable space in servers. There are several image optimization tricks available with software and through online services.

Leverage those and reduce the image size without losing quality and performance. If you are unable to optimize images technically, take help of WordPress designers and make your investment worthwhile.

The year 2018 comes with tons of challenges and opportunities for the WordPress website owners and developers. Everyone tries to get an edge over competitors, and the current post is describing some highly useful tips to win the fiercely competitive market.

However, a consultancy with expert and experienced WordPress developer makes a big difference. Perception System has a team of WordPress designers, programmers, and consultants to provide you righteous guidance. Come into contact with our WordPress development team and know more regarding our services.

Author Bio: Vidyut Joshi Project & Service Delivery Manager at Perception System, a leading WordPress Development Company, founded in 2001.

10 Tips to Follow to Make Your WordPress Website Ready for 2018

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