10 Steps to Build an eCommerce Website from Scratch

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If you are looking to make a bit of extra money, then the one fantastic way of doing it is to build an eCommerce website. It is our suggestion because setting up an eCommerce website doesn’t require lots of money and time.

However, it is a difficult task as most eCommerce startups and entrepreneurs are clueless. And they don’t know where to start!

From the last few years, the growth in online businesses has been much higher than in traditional companies. Moreover, the success of online eCommerce businesses has grown tremendously.

“The eCommerce sales have grown 17.2% more and online shopping has increased to 13.7% compared to 2018.”

2020 can be your year if you build an eCommerce website from scratch!

Today eCommerce website builder platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Magento, Squarespace, etc., helps in making successful eCommerce websites easily, quickly, and cheap.

Significantly, the Magento platform that creates and operates business websites efficiently. A top eCommerce development company in the USA prefers to use these eCommerce site builders as easy to use and access.

Today, in this article, we will detail the entire process of building an eCommerce site from scratch to start a good online business.

Let’s get started!

First, Decide The Product You Wish To Sell!

When you browse the internet, you may find websites selling multiple products. On the contrary to this, you will also find sites selling particular products. Hence, your first responsibility is to select the products you wish to sell online.

Almost everything in this world quickly sells online! You have electronic gadgets, smartphones, clothes, undergarments, books, novels, study materials, fashion items, jewelry, home decor items, fruits & vegetables, bakery items, medicines, kitchen items, and many more.

One can have a vast store to sell things online. Therefore, it is essential to decide on products for online selling. Here we can give you a good tip;

TIP: Buyers always prefer to buy things from local vendors. If you can make some commission-based deals with your area’s local vendors, then you will gain more trust from your customers.

It is well said that online business is more effective only if you have your customers’ trust in you!

Time to Choose Your Business Website Model

After you are done with selecting products, you must decide on the eCommerce website, business model. For this, you will have to research some of the best business models of a few well-established eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc.

Case study their way of promotion, audience targeting, and learn how they are selling those products which you have a wishlist to sell at your eCommerce business website.

Decide A eCommerce Business & Website Name.

Your range of products is ready. You have done thorough research on the market, and the next step is to choose a business name and buy a domain.

TIP: Choose a business name that is easy to remember for the users and sounds relevant to your chosen products.

A domain name is your eCommerce website identity. Many domain name providers and hosting solutions companies can make your business an established online portal; thus, making it easier for you to easily target and reach the audience!

Though you can start with shared hosting to save your money, shift to dedicated hosting & domain name once your business grows. However, if you are ready to spend more on hosting, then go for dedicated hosting.

“Dedicated hosting helps in easy recognizing of your website and helps in SEO – search engine optimization.”

How To Build An eCommerce Website?

Answer: Use an eCommerce website builder!

Nowadays, it’s pretty simple to create an online store with eCommerce site builders. There are many site builders like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, etc.

However, the one preferred by all eCommerce website developers is the Magento development services in the USA. Magento eCommerce platform is smart enough to create websites quickly and start selling instantly.

Choosing up a website builder is essential. Many CMS Website Services providers provide content management systems for eCommerce websites.

You can contact them and hire their dedicated eCommerce website developers to make your online shopping portal.

Design Well To Give The Best UI/UX

To grab the audience’s attention on your website, you must make intuitive, attractive, and colorful websites. Your shopping portal must convince the users the moment they see any of the website’s pages.

Additionally, your website should contain saleable products with proper images, descriptions, price tags, ratings, and more. The UI (user interface) & UX (user experience) must be great on your site.

“If your website lacks in UI/UX, then over 50% of your customers will be lost, no matter how best is your product quality!”

Therefore, try making pages and websites attractively representable to increase the brand’s reputation online and offline!

Setting Up The Payment Gateway & Wallets

Once your eCommerce website designing and development is over, set up a complete online cart process along with payment methods. You can refer to the big eCommerce names on the internet and learn their carting system.

Nowadays, applications like Google Pay are easily integrable with online shopping portals. You can integrate it and can make an online payment method quick and fast. Also, you can connect various banks with your website wallet for all the logged-in users on your website!

Install SSL Certificate

A Secured Security Layer (SSL) certificate is essential for the websites which share & transfer data online. For a critical business like the eCommerce website, the SSL certificate is necessary as it keeps the website secure and grows the trust among your customers.

Is Quick Shipping Important?

With SSL, your eCommerce portal is now safe and secure. A user will visit your website, select products, buy them, pay for them, and now waits to get it delivered at the mentioned address.

To deliver the product safely & securely at the destination, you need courier services! Thus, it would be best if you were quick enough to contact 2-3 shipping services to send the product to the correct location. Google them, get them, and sign off the deal!

Time to Launch!

With every single thing you have done on your eCommerce website, the day is nowhere! Launch your website, make it public, and start selling the products.

Promote your eCommerce website on the online space, improve your products, and focus more on getting larger businesses by following the valuable feedback of your visitors and users.

Last Step, Maintain It or Lose It!

You have given months of your valuable time to researching and developing your business eCommerce website. Therefore, it’s up to you now that how much care you provide to earn well!

FINAL TIP: While designing and developing the eCommerce website, you must take care of the mobile-friendliness nature because the significant internet traffic comes from mobile, tablets, palmtops, etc. Make your website mobile-friendly.

These are the ten steps to build an eCommerce website from scratch!

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10 Steps to Build an eCommerce Website from Scratch

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